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Dover Fueling Solutions

- made up of some of the most trusted, leading-edge brands in the industry - 

Enables the Evolution of Consumer Experiences
in Fueling an
d Convenience Retail

Clean Energy

Fueling a Green Energy Movement.

Hydrogen (H2) is considered one of the greenest alternatives emerging as a sustainable alternative to fossil fueled road transport. Once produced, hydrogen generates electrical power in a fuel cell, that emits only water vapor and warm air — neither of which are harmful to our environment. At DFS, we consider hydrogen an essential part of a decarbonized energy mix and one we predict will become one of the mainstream fuels for heavy duty transport, as well as light vehicle passenger cars, next to electricity.

New to Dover Fueling Solutions

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Power UX 180

A highly powered, Power UX 180kW DC fast charging system designed specificlly for electric vehicles.

Available in Europe

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Tokheim & Wayne Dispensers

Quality, excellence and precision in every area, allowing to grow your fuel retail business with  ease.


Available in EMEA

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A connected mobility and convenience hub that brings new possibilities to your convenience retail business.

Available in EMEA

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Ovation Fuel Dispenser

Expand your forecourt fueling possibilities with a our stylish dispenser that's engineered to deliver.

Available in North America

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DFS Hydrogen Dispenser

Designed for reliable performance against low TCO. Making the refueling process safe and dependable.

Available in Europe