Seeing is believing


Refueling Reinvented,

Reimagined & Reborn

There's no doubt customers have become accustomed to more robust interaction with fueling dispenser displays. But there's nothing out there that comes close to the beauty, power and flexibility of the DFS Anthem UX platform.

Fueling Forward with DFS

Anthem UX Increases Store Traffic for Royal Seven C-Stores

It remembers all the things you forgot to remember not to forget


These days, customers expect personalization. They want their retail journeys to adapt to fit them, not the other way around. And the more individualized, the better.


The Anthem UX platform is the first to give customers the ability to fine-tune their experience while also giving retailers the tools and data to maximize each customer interaction with keenly targeted advertising and promotions. This integrated, inviting experience builds loyalty, increases sales, and adds immense value to both consumer and retailer alike.

Supports 3rd party loyalty apps

Enabler for forecourt business

Traffic & Weather alerts



The retailer


is attentive

The Anthem UX platform detects user proximity with cameras to quickly transition from idle to customer greeting state. Customers are immediately engaged and guided through a smooth, seamless series of prompts and options.


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Dark Mode

Not just a leap

forward - it's

fueling reborn.

Introducing Dark Mode on the Anthem UX platform. User experience is always at the forefront of our designs and that is why the Anthem UX platform comes standard with the Dark Mode feature. At the touch of a button a consumer can experience high contrast, vivid branding, while reducing night-time strain on the eyes, with the added benefit to the retailer of lower energy consumption.

Building customer loyalty isn't Rocket Science.

It's Experiential Science.

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With its personalized greetings, predictive preferences, news updates and customizable promos, the all-new Anthem UX platform delivers what other dispensers can only dream of: Enhanced loyalty, repeat business, increased revenue, and a CFO with a smile on their face.

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