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About Dover Fueling Solutions

The Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) product, services and solutions lines were formed following the inception of the DFS company in 2016. This impressive portfolio of innovative creations takes the best that each of DFS' product brands has to offer to develop ground-breaking solutions that embrace IoT and drive change forward, including intelligent dispenser technology, revolutionary media solutions and advanced payment systems.


About Tokheim

Tokheim was founded in 1898 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and now its renowned Quantium dispenser line and technology solutions are sold in over 160 countries worldwide. Over the years, Tokheim has made history by revolutionizing the industry, building a legacy of unrelenting innovation and unparalleled quality. A legacy that now continues to thrive through Dover Fueling Solutions.


About Fairbanks

For over 20 years, the Fairbanks brand has been providing superior fuel management and forecourt services to the downstream fuel market. Its services use the power of real-time data to reduce fuel losses, lower operational costs and improve margins for fuel retailers. With customers in 35 countries and serving over 13,000 fuel stations, Fairbanks has a global network of licensees providing a flexible, 24/7 service for independent retailers, hypermarket chains and
multi-national companies. 

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About ProGauge

ProGauge is your one-stop shop when it comes to fuel measurement. Established in 1993 and formerly known as Start Italiana, ProGauge is now considered to be one of the leading providers of automatic tank gauge solutions, including a variety of magnetostrictive tank probes (both wired and wireless), consoles, and related software to measure and monitor fuel tank levels.


About Wayne

The Wayne brand hasn’t just evolved with the times, it has led the way, with over 125 years exploring better quality materials, improving manufacturing techniques and making technological advancements that translate into industry-leading products, services and solutions. Founded in 1891 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Wayne products and solutions are now sold in over 140 countries around the globe and continue to be one of the industry’s most renowned brands on the market. 


About OPW Fuel Management Systems

OPW Fuel Management Systems (FMS) has been committed to delivering industry-leading fuel management solutions since 1961. With automated fuel control systems, a comprehensive line of integrated tank monitoring equipment and user-friendly fuel management software, OPW FMS’ family of fuel management products enable site operators to effectively and efficiently manage their fuel inventories.  

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About ClearView

The ClearView brand from DFS offers complete wetstock management packages, designed to help improve profitability for fuel retailers whilst also maintaining compliance regulations. Using advanced reconciliation techniques, the ClearView solution can quickly detect instances of fuel loss, caused by theft, poorly calibrated meters and short deliveries, giving retailers increased control, unprecedented visibility, intelligence and understanding over their inventory. 


About AvaLAN Networks

AvaLAN has a 17-year history designing communications solutions including Wireless EMV and Ethernet to Digital Current Loop specifically for the fueling industry. AvaLAN designs easy-to-use products incorporating features like Network Segmentation, Network Access Control, and Centralized VLAN Synchronization. As a Verifone-certified MNSP, as well as the leading market solution for high speed secure wired and wireless networking from the c-store to the dispenser, AvaLAN uniquely delivers PCI secure end-to-end networking for retailers. 

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About Liqal

LIQAL B.V. is a turnkey supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen refueling equipment and solutions, and micro liquefaction solutions. LIQAL provides customers with safe, efficient and innovative alternative fuel solutions that are currently experiencing robust adoption, particularly in Europe. Its intelligent, integrated solutions offer high-quality standards, operating flexibility and a low total cost of ownership throughout the life span of asset operation.