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Asset and Compliance Management

Problems on the forecourt may impact multiple systems and the source can often be hard to pinpoint. Engaging the right contractor is key to the fast resolution of these issues. The UK-based ClearView solution Asset and Compliance Management service is designed to save time and money. We take ownership of any problems on the forecourt, so that operators and site staff can then focus on the efficiency and profitability of the retail business.


Our experienced call handlers gather concise, relevant information, then use the comprehensive, pre-gathered asset data in our system to assign every call to the right expert accurately. Well briefed contractors will arrive on site with the information and parts required, helping ensure a first-time fix. Every call is uniquely logged against a job reference, which is securely and easily accessible via our web portal. Users can view the status of individual calls, as well as the overall performance of contractors, ensuring that service level agreements and associated services are delivered in line with what the operator is paying for. Our system is equally adept at making sure that planned maintenance schedules are managed, status is visible through the dashboard, and that breaches of statutory compliance or unnecessary outages through poor maintenance are avoided.


Reduced costs & asset downtime

Reducing number of ‘no fault found’ visits and asset downtime, as call handlers are trained to find the right contractor for the job required and brief them in advance of the visit.


Simple and straightforward

Reduction in operational human resource for managing issues on the forecourt – no chasing of contractors and no requirement for an internal helpdesk.


Most competitive


Transparent and efficient quote-gathering service presents business owners with multiple, competitive quotes for contract work, to ensure the best price is found without compromising on service quality. 


Early warning


Reduced risk of non-compliance due to early warning of certificate expiration, including those of DSEAR, electrical testing, vapor recovery and more

Asset Management: How it works

The ClearView solution Asset Management service gives site staff a single number to call for any fuel system maintenance issue. Each call made to this central number is instantly logged in the system, and each case allocated to either the customer’s contracted service providers, or to Dover Fueling Solutions’ nominated companies. All calls that have been logged are instantly made visible to operators and stakeholders via the ClearView web portal, giving them full visibility of the forecourt maintenance process as well as the status of any open job. 

Site calls are taken by fully-trained call handlers, who log calls in detail to ensure the information passed to contractors is accurate and that they are fully-briefed and prepared to fix the problem on site. Once the call is logged with the contractor, their performance is measured against their contractual service level agreements. Calls are tracked and detailed with a full audit trail made available to the customer.

Contractor reporting allows site owners to analyze and compare the performance and cost of different contracting companies, which can be useful in helping them to negotiate better deals in the future and drive performance improvement. We also offer a Contractor Invoice Reconciliation service as standard, which helps to ensure that contractors are correctly paid for the work they have undertaken. Dover Fueling Solutions will pay the contractors directly, but will invoice the site owner with one, itemized invoice, reducing time-consuming accounting activities.

What's included?

  • 7-day maintenance call processing

  • Contractor call assignment via web/email

  • Call status and email updates

  • Call SLA response escalation

  • Real-time call status visibility

  • Contractor invoice reconciliation

Compliance Management

The ClearView solution Asset Management service gives users access to a central storage portal for all site-specific compliance and licence certificates, as well as regulatory, legal and health and safety documentation. Automated reminders alert you to certificates that are due to expire, leaving plenty of time to arrange for renewal and helping you to remain compliant. You are also able to upload additional certificates that you might wish to monitor to this portal and set deadlines for renewal at your own convenience. Under this service, Dover Fueling Solutions assumes responsibility for all compliance and licence certificates uploaded by ourselves, and will arrange for contractors to attend site and renew any certificates, such as Stage Two Vapor Recovery, Electrical Compliances and Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) Risk Assessments. 

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