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A connected forecourt is a more efficient one. Our connectivity solutions are able to join many aspects of your fuel operation and site equipment together. Connect your point-of-sale system to your dispensers, tank gauges, probes, site controllers and much more.

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Annika Birkler

Sr. Product Manager, Connectivity, DFS

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Courtney Hamby

Sales and Support Manager, AvaLAN Networks

Just as you maintain a private internet network in your home to transmit files between devices, make online payments, and store personal information, your business needs the ability to communicate between dispenser and store systems. This is where secure networks come into play.

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DFS Edge intelligent IoT platform

The DFS Edge intelligent IoT platform is a connectivity solution built on Microsoft technology. This future- proofed piece of equipment connects and interfaces with all aspects of your forecourt, so that your fuel business stays connected – always. 

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AvaLAN Wired Solution

The AvaLAN Wired Solution helps facilitate EMV-compliant secure payment transactions and add new forecourt media solutions over existing wire at your retail locations. Eliminating the need to shut down and rip up the forecourt to run additional cabling, this solution saves time and cost.

AvaLAN Wired
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AvaLAN Wireless Solution

DFS has partnered with AvaLAN Networks to provide a secure, scalable, double-encrypted connectivity solution. The AvaLAN Wireless Solution increases the speed of transactions while remaining secure enough for EMV-compliant transactions and strong enough to support any media played on.

AvaLAN Wireless
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