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The Art of Interactivity

ProGauge MagLink LX 4 console

We believe in choice

At DFS, we believe that you deserve the best. We offer a comprehensive range of tank gauge consoles, designed to deliver the perfect level of functionality for your fuel business, whatever the size or purpose. Our products enable you to create a system of comprehensive fuel information management that can efficiently handle a range of tank and forecourt issues. Advanced functionality, such as centralized site management, precise inventory reconciliation and loss prevention analysis provide an even higher level of fuel management capabilities. 

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Interface with probes

Our tank consoles are able to easily interface with all DFS probes, including the brand-new DMP probe, effectively retrieving product/inventory readings, water level readings and temperature measurements, so that you always have an accurate understanding of what is going on underground.

Leak detection

Our probes are designed to work perfectly in harmony with our consoles to provide superior automatic leak detection, so that you can rest easy knowing that your fuel stocks are protected at all times. Couple probes and consoles with our analyst-led wetstock monitoring services for complete peace of mind.

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Detailed reconciliation

Our tank consoles allow you to easily access historical in-tank level readings, so that you can determine whether your fuel site or network is losing fuel. Don't have time to look over reams of data? Consider investing in our monitoring services: we can tell you if you are losing fuel, from where, and exactly how much.

Explore Consoles


OPW FMS SiteSentinel Integra 500​

The SiteSentinel Integra 500 offers the industry’s most comprehensive tank monitoring capabilities including inventory management, environmental compliance testing and remote access to real-time inventory data. With its Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and modem ports, the Integra 500 can accommodate the communication needs of every fueling operation. It can also enable cost-savings through multi-drop technology. 

DFS ATG Driver Display

The DFS ATG Driver Display has been designed to ease the fuel delivery process for unmanned or closed fuel retail sites, by offering tanker drivers instant access to information concerning the amount of ullage for each tank on site. Before starting/commencing a fuel a delivery, drivers can use the display to immediately view the available space across all tanks and use this to verify that the fuel delivery can successfully be carried out. This display is typically wall-mounted.

OPW FMS SiteSentinel Nano​

The SiteSentinel Nano offers an easy-to-use interface and remote accessibility in one compact console, delivering precision inventory monitoring for fuel sites of all sizes. The gauge’s small equipment footprint and patented multi-drop technology make it ideal for fuel sites of any size. The Nano can monitor up to 12 probes and 24 sensors, while its multi-drop technology lowers installation costs through reduced wiring expenses. Remote access also allows users to control the gauge from anywhere. 

OPW FMS Mechanical Tank Gauge

The OPW 200TG tank gauge is specifically designed for reading liquid levels in horizontal or vertical aboveground storage tanks. Providing an accurate numerical counter readout, the 200TG tank gauge eliminates the need for any on-site manual gauging. It is also easy to install, corrosion resistant, prevents float entanglement in the tank and requires no annual maintenance.

ProGauge Digimon 16T

This robust, weatherproof console is suitable for all outdoor environments and can monitor up to 16 fuel tanks. The graphical color touchscreen display is capable of displaying a wide range of messages, meaning you can navigate to the right information quickly, and with ease. Explosion proof (‘Ex’) certified, this console supports remote installation and once running, provides a true, 24/7 operating functionality. 

ProGauge Digimon LCD Atex

Like its big brother the Digimon 16 T, the Digimon LCD console is engineered to perform in all weather conditions. Featuring an LCD display, the console is perfectly designed to relay all of the necessary tank information in a succinct and immediately accessible manner. If you have only one tank to monitor, then this is all you need. 

ProGauge MagDirect

The MagDirect unit offers a direct interface to the probe from the point-of-sale system. Designed for use with the Tokheim Fuel POS and Wayne Fusion automation server, the MagDirect is equipped with an intrinsically safe barrier to offer the highest level of protection against electricity surges. Up to 8 probes can be connected to theMagDirect at any one time. The MagDirect is unique in that it works seamlessly with third party equipment, making it ideal for established sites wishing to interface with existing products.

OPW FMS SiteSentinel Integra 100​

The SiteSentinel Integra 100 provides complete tank monitoring, inventory management and environmental-compliance testing through the incorporation of the latest computer technology, the Integra 100 allows users to view data remotely from anywhere in the world. Connectivity to this console can be achieved through the VSmart module with multi-drop technology.

ProGauge MagConnect

The MagConnect is a user-friendly junction box that offers individual connections for each probe in a centralized location, eliminating the need to invest in multiple connection hubs and wasting time wiring up each probe manually. With only a single cable required between the junction box and console, this plug-and-play solution means installing the device couldn’t be easier. 

ProGauge MagLink LX 4

Delve into the world of interactivity and discover the benefits of new ‘touch and swipe’ technology. Developed to offer an unrivalled user experience, the MagLink LX4’s touchscreen enables you to effortlessly move between screens to easily view all of your tank data through its new and improved graphical display. This, coupled with a brighter screen, faster processor and simplified reporting capabilities makes it the most advanced tank gauge on the market.​

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