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High Customer Engagement, Low Resource Requirement

DX Promote® Auto

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Hassle-Free Media

The DX Promote Auto Service is a low-touch media solution available on the DFS Anthem UX® Platform. It enables retailers to enhance the fueling experience with engaging local content and customized ads, driving foot traffic and incremental in-store sales. What's more, you get access to an evolving suite of customer centric applications. Free up your time to manage your business, and let DX Promote Auto manage the media for you.

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Entertain Your Customers

Keep your customers entertained, informed and engaged at the dispenser with daily weather, sports, traffic and more.

Increase Sales

Choose from a preset list of 12 professionally developed and curated static ads per month, OR let Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) chose them for you.  All designed to drive instore foot traffic and service revenue! 

Engage Through Ads

Reach your customers through the use of media, and leave a lasting impression during their busy lives with curated advertisements, carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized via DX Promote Auto.

Benefits You Won't Want to Miss

  • Engaging national advertisements​

  • Short-form infotainment​

  • Major oil promotions​

  • Customized promotional banner ads​

  • Targeted traffic and weather​ announcements

  • Access to applications like DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR​®

  • Enhanced customer experience​

  • Proven increase in c-store sales

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