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High Customer Engagement, Low Resource Requirement

DX Promote Auto™

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Hassle-Free Media

The DX Promote Auto™ Service is a low-touch media solution available on the DFS Anthem UX®. It enables retailers to enhance the fueling experience with engaging local content and customized ads, driving foot traffic and incremental in-store sales. What's more, you get access to an evolving suite of customer centric applications. Free up your time to manage your business, and let DX Promote Auto™ manage the media for you.

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Entertain Your Customers

Keep your customers entertained, informed and engaged at the dispenser with daily weather, sports, traffic and more.

Increase Sales

Choose from a preset list of 12 professionally developed and curated static ads per month, OR let Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) chose them for you.  All designed to drive instore foot traffic and service revenue! 

Engage Through Ads

Reach your customers through the use of media, and leave a lasting impression during their busy lives with curated advertisements, carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized via DX Promote Auto™.

Benefits You Won't Want to Miss

  • Engaging national advertisements​

  • Short-form infotainment​

  • Major oil promotions​

  • Customized promotional banner ads​

  • Targeted traffic and weather​ announcements

  • Access to applications like DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR​®

  • Enhanced customer experience​

  • Proven increase in c-store sales

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