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Consumer Experience: Embrace the power of media

Today's society is driven by technology and media. It is everywhere: tempting, encouraging, persuading and informing people all around the globe. For years, advanced technology focused solely on improving the consumer experience has had a limited presence on the fuel retail forecourt, but things are changing. It's time to bring your forecourt to life with our suite of consumer experience solutions, designed to enhance your fuel business and deliver a new, interactive and truly engaging experience for your customers. With so many options to suit both your budget and forecourt style, we’re confident that we can help you make the right choice for both you and your customers.

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Anthem UX User Experience Platform

Meet the DFS Anthem UX user experience platform. An intuitive user interface that provides fuel retailers with a new way to interact with customers on-site. The flexible content platform provides a customized experience that is simple, fast, relevant and fun. The software activates when the customer is present, delivers personalised greetings, targeted messaging and promotions, whilst also having the ability to give traffic updates, report on the weather or play sporting updates, all while the customer is fueling.


Introducing T-Media from DFS - a complete solution for integrated digital media that turns each of your fuel dispensers into a promotional powerhouse. T-Media is a powerful content management solution that gives you the ability to drive targeted promotional strategies and enhance the customer experience, right where you need it most – at the fuel dispenser. 

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DX Promote

DX Promote combines the best of DFS' consumer experience products and services into one, tailored suite aimed at driving profitability. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution that fuses many of DFS' industry-leading products into one, single package that can be rolled out across your network, the DX Promote offering is all you need.

DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk

Consumers are becoming increasingly independent, and with the fast-paced nature of today's society, so it's no wonder they are taking things into their own hands. DFS' Self-Checkout Kiosk is our answer to the changing needs of the market, giving customers the power to scan for their own fuel, as well as in-store products, and make all of their purchases in a single, harmonized transaction. When time - and speed - is of the essence, your customers need the DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk.

Consumer Experience - self-checkout kios
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 inOvationTV Media Platform

You've only got one shot to reach your customers when they're fueling their cars. This is where the inOvationTV media platform comes in, helping you to drive foot traffic into your store throughout the day. With the inOvationTV media platform, retailers receive monthly, customized, site-specific promotional ads for products and services via rich video media. This media solution is available in North America on both Ovation and Helix fuel dispensers.

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