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bp Rusocin Selects Wayne Helix® 5000 II and Wayne Century™ 3 Fuel Dispensers for New Service Station


Customer Name

bp Rusocin (distributor = GIA Polska)


Rusocin, Poland (A1 highway)


The new service station will be dealing with both commercial and retail traffic – with a significant portion of the station's customers being large trucks and heavy good vehicles (HGVs) – the challenge was to ensure efficient and smooth refueling for all traffic.


Wayne Helix® 5000 II fuel dispensers and Wayne Century™ 3 fuel dispensers with high flow of 120 l/min.


The ability to competently serve both commercial vehicles (trucks and HGVs) and passenger cars entering the motorway at high and very high traffic levels, at the same time, without sacrificing service quality for either.

Primary Choice Factors

The long-standing reputation of Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), the Wayne® brand and GIA Polska – the exclusive supplier of Wayne® dispensers in Poland.

The bp service station in Rusocin, Poland was specifically built to handle high and very high traffic volumes on the A1 motorway – with the main purpose of being able to efficienlty serve both commercial trucks and HGVs, as well as retail passenger cars. As such, Wayne Helix® 5000 II fuel dispensers and Wayne Century™ 3 fuel dispensers were chosen.

The Helix® 5000 II fuel dispenser was selected as an ideal solution for larger stations with significant vehicle traffic. Its long hose reach allows motorists to confidently refuel larger vehicles and trucks; while this model also provides retailers to offer a variety of fuels in one dispenser (separation of gasoline from diesel), so it can accommodate both commercial and retail consumer demands. In conjunction with its relatively small dimensions (just over 1.3 m in length), this dispenser enables retailers to maximize on footprint. All this makes Helix 5000 II perfect for facilities built next to highways, such as the new bp station in Rusocin.

In turn, Century™ 3 dispensers are incredibly versatile and lend themselves to suit any application and location. Despite its small size, this model was selected by bp due to its very high flow rate, which ensures it can meet the needs of fleet customers. Additionally, in the spatial design of the service station, two Century™ 3 dispensers were placed in a separate shelter where the largest vehicles can easily fit, regardless of the traffic of passenger cars.

"Helix® 5000 II and Century™ 3 fuel dispensers are the ideal solution for larger stations with high traffic volumes. The long hose reach allows the dispenser to efficiently handle larger vehicles, and when combined with the ability to refuel multiple types of fuel, it is an ideal choice for stations serving both commercial and retail traffic", said representative of GIA Poland.

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