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DS Dalgleish uses DX Retail® to streamline systems and processes between its Galashiels and Coldstream sites


Customer Name

David Houston


Galashiels and Coldstreams UK.


Difficulty managing different business operations due to differences in equipment systems and processes across two fuel retail sites.


DX Retail® for consolidating systems across the two sites, allowing them to make remote updates easily.


Cost and time savings, increased profits and improved market placement and productivity.

Primary Choice Factors

Dover Fueling Solutions® combined legacy brand market experience for over 130 years.

"DX Retail® has come at the right time because COVID made life so difficult for everyone. To be able to look at your stock and sales in real-time at any site, anywhere in the world, is not only convenient: it's essential.
Without DX Retail®, it would be extremely difficult to continue to run a competitive, successful business."

- David Houston, Owner of DS Dalgleish

DX Retail® makes it easier than ever to update all your stores’ Tokheim Fuel POS and DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk systems securely and efficiently, thanks to its use of Microsoft Azure and intelligent edge technology. Driving updates to multiple pieces of Fuel POS site equipment is straightforward, fast and can be done with the touch of a button from any web-enabled device from anywhere, thanks to its cloud-based connected solution. The ability to remotely drive updates to a single site or to hundreds of sites simultaneously is a significant time savings and ensures your sites are always updated with the latest retail items and pricing.

In the heart of the Scottish Borders is DS Dalgleish, a business established in 1956 as an Esso dealer. DS Dalgleish went on to become the longest continual mainland Nissan dealer, after adding the franchise in 1972. The mid 80's then saw the addition of their second Esso site in Coldstream. David Houston, owner of DS Dalgleish expressed his difficulties in managing both his sites due to his unreliable VPN and outdated equipment, and made a point of noting the inconvenience of needing a separate PC to oversee and manage his processing systems.

Discovering DX Retail® from Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) was a turning point for Houston, as both him and his employees were able to easily remotely control his two forecourts using the same processes and systems for both locations. This not only saved him time from traveling between his sites to make the updates manually, but it also helped make his company more productive, competitive and financially feasible. DX Retail® has been essential to DS Dalgleish as it has enabled David and his team to check stock and sales in real time from any device and in any location across the globe.

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