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Hockenhull Garages, Ltd. Increases Convenience Store Traffic and Sales with T-Media™ by Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS)


Customer Name

Hockenhull Garages, Ltd.


Leicestershire, England


Generate in-store customer traffic and corresponding sales


Fuel dispensers equipped with the T-Media™ digital media solution from Dover Fueling Solutions®


Increased retail traffic and profits

Primary Choice Factor

Dover Fueling Solutions’® reputation for quality equipment and innovation

"Going forward, T-Media™ is definitely something we will incorporate with any future development or repump."

- Joe Hockenhull Managing Director

Retailers have long recognized the phenomena of impulse buying. It’s why checkout counters are packed full of inexpensive, but often highmargin items such as sweets, crisps, chewing gum and beverages. It’s also why counters and aisles are filled with static signs to point out bargains or high-margin goods.

So, when Joe Hockenhull, Managing Director of Hockenhull Garages Ltd., was looking for ideas to increase store traffic, he turned to T-Media to capitalize on the phenomena of impulse buying.

Hockenhull noted that while forecourt signage is good for driving store traffic, it’s expensive to produce and time-consuming to change out. Furthermore, it’s static and not compelling in terms of grabbing attention. He was also aware that customers spend three to four minutes refuelling, and typically spend this idle time watching the fuel being metered. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to engage customers and tap into their impulse buying tendencies, as well as remind them of actual needs that could be fulfilled within the store.

The solution was to turn the fuel dispenser into a promotional powerhouse using T-Media™ by Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS). Rather than static graphics that are easily ignored and expensive to use, T-Media™ features a high-resolution digital screen that commands a customer’s attention by displaying colorful text, images, video and sound. It serves as another way to leverage impulse buying and to drive store traffic.

Hockenhull notes, “Customers typically stare at the meter ticking forward when they fill up. But, when there’s something in their peripheral vision, it can be very effective. Customers come in and say, ‘Oh, we just noticed such and such on your pump.’ They may not have noticed the product if they had just walked into the store.”

Dover Fueling Solutions’® Product Manager Jenthe Govaerts, feels that in addition to driving store traffic, T-Media™ can be used to increase profits right on the forecourt. For example, T-Media™ can be used to upsell to higher-grade fuels — which have greater profit margins for the retailer — and advertise on-site services like car washes.

T-Media™ also makes it easy to manage promotional messaging — including uploading and playing new content across individual pumps, a specific site, or an entire network — using simple drag-and-drop functionality in DFS’ secure, cloud-based web-tool.

T-Media™ also allows owners to integrate the content on indoor screens with that on the Forecourt. The latter feature is an advantage offered only with T-Media™. The ability to synchronize inside and outside messages enhances their impact on motorists and thereby the potential for an increased spend.

“T-Media™ is very effective and easy to use,” said Hockenhull. “It is a great tool for informing customers about promotions and new things coming to the site. Going forward, it’s definitely something we will incorporate with any future development or repump.”

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