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Reliable Bio-LNG Refueling for Gasrec


Customer Name



South Elmsall, UK


To provide a reliable Bio-LNG refueling solution for HGVs in the UK.


Turn-key installation of a LIQAL LNG Mobile Refueling Unit (MRU)


Successful installation of a Bio-LNG refueling facility.

Primary Choice Factors

View that LIQAL is a reliable and trusted supplier of premium Bio-LNG refueling facilities.

"LIQAL have again delivered a top-quality facility that we are proud to have as a key asset in our network of refueling stations. The MRU configuration is a reliable and flexible solution, and when combined with LIQAL's remote monitoring capability it sets the standard for all of our future projects. Additionally, the turn-key installation was a thorough and professional operation that was carried out with obvious care and attention to detail, and was also delivered on time and on budget."

John Power - Gasrec Head of Growth & Supply

Transport has a huge role to play in helping the UK and UK businesses hit ambitious Net Zero targets. As such, Gasrec were actively looking for a high-quality and reliable Bio-LNG refueling solution for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in the UK. Bio-LNG emits 85% less CO2 than diesel and is a vital here-and-now solution in reducing emissions from the HGV sector.

The solution? The turn-key installation of the LIQAL LNG Mobile Refueling Unit (MRU).

The LIQAL MRU combines excellent performance and outstanding fueling experience with the flexibility of a prefabricated and relocatable fueling facility. As a compact solution, the LIQAL MRU is scalable to meet various requirements, while meeting the same high standards as permanent Dover Fueling Solutions® I LIQAL solutions.

With broad compatibility, the LIQAL MRU is perfectly suited to numerous locations and although compact, it does not compromise on features or quality. In fact, this solution makes it easier for fuel retailers to implement clean energies with minimal work or additional costs.

The latest state-of-the-art Gasrec installation in South Elmsall, UK. can save 27,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over a year, compared to an equivalent diesel operation, while refuelling up to 150 vehicles.

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