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Street Corner Connects Fuel Customers to Store with Order-at-the-Pump on DFS Anthem UX®


Customer Name

Street Corner


Aberdeen, SD


Street Corner is known for its fresh and fast food, and needed a way to bring those offerings to customers on the forecourt at locations with fuel stations.


DFS Anthem UX® platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispensers provides the tech for offering customers saved time and fewer transactions, while increasing site revenue through cross and upsell opportunities.


Implemented summer 2022 and launched in the fall, order-at-the-pump is receiving high praise. Street Corner intends to expand to locations in California.

Primary Choice Factors

The unique interface of Anthem UX® opened the door for a first-of-its-kind integrated forecourt-to-store purchasing experience. The platform’s interoperability with Pinnacle’s Affiniti Cloud solution further streamlined launch and implementation.

“DFS is proudly offering order at the dispenser, advanced loyalty capabilities, and gamification experiences for retailers by either working with their existing technology solution providers or enlisting third party partners. This is game-changing and will elevate the experience for customers, as well as drive additional revenue for retailers. We are thrilled that Street Corner has chosen to offer order at the dispenser in Aberdeen and we look forward to providing it to their other stores!”

Scott Negley, DFS Senior Director of Product Management

The vision that has been buzzing around our industry and among the DFS network has become a reality. Street Corner – a franchise network of urban markets, express locations and fueling stations – brought the concept of ordering c-store items “at the pump” to urban market customers in Aberdeen, South Dakota, with anticipated continued expansion at additional stores with fuel stations.

Anthem UX's® interactive interface, with secure payment technology and customizable programming capabilities, is enabling Street Corner to deliver the ultimate personalized and frictionless experience. Street Corner stores are described as “technology meets convenience”, offering customers such amenities as grab-and-go essentials, freshly prepared food, coffee bars, full-service delis and EV charging, all with technological ease and upscale design ( Prioritizing efficiency to accommodate the on-the-go nature of their customers, Street Corner determined it was imperative to offer multiple transaction options including in-store, drive-through, and in-dispenser payment.

Customers have the option while fueling to place an order for customized fresh food items from the store’s kitchen. They can tap through an on-screen menu navigation, add their desired items, then check out upon pick-up. Fresh food orders are made while the customer is at the dispenser and can be either grabbed in store or picked up via a drive-through window.

Street Corner’s order at the pump feature is implemented on Anthem UX®, with support from Affiniti Cloud In-Dispenser Ordering by Pinnacle Corporation. Says Melissa Hadley, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation for Pinnacle Corporation, “We started talking to the DFS team a couple of years ago because they were heading down this technology path of creating a user interface overlay on their dispensers and talking to companies like ours to build new and innovative software solutions to utilize the dispenser in a more modern way. We’re excited to see Street Corner begin to realize the benefits of this that will drive new customer growth and revenue."

This is the kind of innovative application DFS was aiming for when we set out to reimagine customer experience in fueling and convenience retail. In-dispenser ordering via Anthem UX® platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispensers demonstrates how DFS solutions are helping site owners evolve with changing industry demands to grow both customer loyalty and site revenues.

See how it works at Street Corner:

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