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The LIQAL | DFS Boil-Off Gas Management Solution


Customer Name

Gasrec Ltd.


LIQAL Boil-off Gas Treatment Unit (BTU)

"The DFS I LIQAL BTU System is an essential component in any LNG station."

Tony Robinson – Special Advisor Operations, Engineering & Risk, Gasrec

The LIQAL Boil-off Gas Treatment Unit (BTU) is a sound investment that can help take the pressure off a business (quite literally).

This unique system provides advanced natural gas liquefaction technology to ensure reliable station performance and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), further supporting investment in the latest clean fuel technology. The BTU system can also be retrofitted to existing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) stations.

- Significant savings on annual OPEX cost when compared to alternatives
- Unlimited holding time for LNG with no need for active management of LNG tank storage pressure
- Each BTU System comes with its own remote management system
- Maintains LNG quality suitable for maximizing range of Volvo trucks
- Allows low level (<5%) LNG storage tank operation without pump cavitation issues
- Stand alone, modular CE certified unit
- No LIN consumption, so no need to transport LIN; thus avoiding C02 emissions and reducing operational risks
- The BTU system is a patented solution

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