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Wildco PES Delivers Smarter Updates with DX Monitor®

At a Glance

Customer Name

Wildco PES




Continued onsite software updates and maintenance requirements were increasing service costs and technician time commitments


DX Monitor® for remote dispenser monitoring and software updates


Operational cost and time savings, reduced customer fatigue, avoidance of mass technician deployments for widespread system upgrades

Primary Choice Factor

Dover Fueling Solutions’® longstanding reputation for reliability and security

"DFS is more than a manufacturer, they are a partner that helps us solve our customer’s needs"

Jeremy Lewis, Sales Engineer​

DX Monitor® from Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) enables centralized monitoring and management of fuel dispensers and payment modules across forecourts. With the ability to remotely update software and firmware at the dispenser, DX Monitor® reduces maintenance costs and maximizes fuel dispenser uptime. You can proactively manage maintenance activities and prioritize need across sites and dispensers with unparalleled visibility.

As an east coast leading distributor and servicer of vehicle fueling equipment, Wildco PES has been servicing customers throughout New England for more than two decades. Facing customer frustration over continuous software updates while dispensers were still under warranty, Wildco PES found they were greatly discounting service trips and sacrificing revenue to preserve customer satisfaction. When the new Verifone point-of-sale code was released, they knew they needed a way to provide remote software upgrades across a large number of sites – avoiding a massive and costly deployment of technicians to each location.

Partnering with DFS and leveraging DX Monitor®, Wildco PES was able to deliver a SaaS offering with the same reliability and security customers have come to expect from the DFS brand. DX Monitor® allows for swift and accurate remote updates on SPMs, iX Boards, contactless readers, and iGEM. This implementation not only brings a significant cost savings to Wildco PES in per site/per upgrade expenses, it allows for many dispenser issues to be remotely resolved much quicker.

Having visibility over the health of each forecourt in your network enables you to prioritize maintenance activities and focus on sites that need immediate or near-term attention. By providing access to and insights on each dispenser and fueling point, DX Monitor® helps make fueling stations more efficient and cost effective.

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