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Fueling a Green Energy


Green Refueling, Done Right

Hydrogen is considered one of the greenest alternatives
emerging as a sustainable alternative to fossil fueled road transport. Once produced, hydrogen generates electrical power in a fuel cell, that emits only water vapor and warm air — neither of which are harmful to our environment. At Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), we consider hydrogen an essential part of a decarbonized energy mix and one we predict will become one of the mainstream fuels for heavy duty transport, as well as light vehicle passenger cars, next to electricity.

Modern & Modular

Digital & Connected

Celebrating a modern sleek design, the DFS Hydrogen dispenser is as modular as it is innovative. With multiple configuration possibilities and a broad range of options, this dispenser can be made to fit even the most specific forecourt needs, including simultaneous filling of two nozzles in any combination of H35 and H70 dispensing pressures. We also offer an integrated heat exchanger for optimal continuous hydrogen dispensing.

Born as a digital native using advanced IoT technology for remote monitoring and built ready to connect our suite of remote services, this dispenser can easily connect to our advanced solutions eco-system, including solutions for billing, customer loyalty schemes
and payment.  

Safe & Compatible

Superior UX

The DFS Hydrogen dispenser is designed with safety in mind, from the initial assembly right through to installation and daily operation. Our integrated safety programmable logic controller (PLC) has logic to control the entire refueling process for autonomous operation according to all safety codes and fueling protocols for compatibility to all available light and heavy duty vehicles.

We offer an intuitive user experience for safe and efficient refueling, including enhanced driver engagement with our advanced media solutions. Once installed, both T-Media by DFS and our powerful, award-winning DFS Anthem UX user experience platform can unlock promotional strategies and loyalty programs to boost sales
and profits.

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View the DFS Hydrogen Dispenser in AR

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On the application, scan the trigger image to view the DFS Hydrogen Dispenser in AR.

View below trigger image
to get the full experience!

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Built to last with durable materials and high-quality components, all of our dispensers are recognised for reliable operation and a long life with fewer service interventions, even in demanding daily use, resulting in the very best and lowest total cost of ownership.

Speak to an Expert

Speak to an Expert
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