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DFS DX Connected Solutions Platform: Digital Transformation (DX) for Intelligent Fueling and Retail

Technology is transforming the fueling industry at a rapid pace. Smart, cloud-enabled connected solutions create a differentiating opportunity for both retail and commercial fleet fueling owners and operators through increased sales and reduced costs. Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) has created DFS DX to enable your business to do exactly that – differentiate through optimizing your site's assets across the forecourt and enhance your customers’ experience by winning your customers’ trust through a frictionless forecourt experience.

DFS DX is the industry’s first open, global and common cloud platform that harnesses advanced analytics and IoT to deliver five core innovative solutions focused on customer experience and asset optimization. These five core solutions span wetstock management, remote asset monitoring, targeted advertising and media at the dispenser, fleet fueling site management, and point of sale management. These solutions empower fuel retailers to identify fuel loss in real-time, optimize dispenser uptime, increase sales through targeted advertising at the fuel dispenser, centrally manage point-of-sale solutions and control an entire fleet fueling enterprise from a single cloud-based interface.

DX Wetstock

Real-time, precise fuel loss identification and notification

DX Monitor

Proactive fuel dispenser uptime and security monitoring and management

DX Promote

Drive targeted consumer advertising at the fuel dispenser

DX Retail

Centrally deploy and manage point-of-sale (POS) solutions

DX Fleet

Manage and monitor your fleet fueling enterprise from a single interface

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Making The Connection Between
Cloud-Enabled Optimization and ROI

Why open architecture platforms are integral to convenience store digital transformation.

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DFS Edge: Security

We've outlined all the security features of the DFS DX™ connected solutions platform installed on the DFS Edge intelligent IoT platform in two, useful guides.

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DX Wetstock

DX Wetstock is an end-to-end fuel management solution for fuel retailers that delivers real-time precise fuel loss identification and notification, including leaks, theft, evaporation, and initial fuel delivery errors.

DX Monitor

DX Monitor helps reduce maintenance costs by enabling easy, remote, centralized fuel dispenser software updates and health monitoring. Being connected to your forecourt minimizes site visits and increases dispenser uptime.

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DX Promote

DX Promote transforms your fuel dispenser into an integrated immersive digital experience. Targeted advertisements, multiple media options, and loyalty integration help drive sales to your convenience store, car wash, and other related services.


DX Retail

If you have multiple locations, DX Retail makes it easier than ever to manage and update your point-of-sale (POS) systems remotely. Keep all your stores’ Tokheim Fuel POS and DFS Self-Checkout systems continuously up to date securely and efficiently with DX Retail.

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DX Fleet

DX Fleet is a revolutionary cloud-based fuel management solution that provides commercial fleet owners, operators and managers the ability to remotely monitor their entire fleet fueling enterprise from a single interface.


DFS DX Connected Solutions Platform

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Open Architecture Platforms Enable Digital Transformations

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