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DFS DX: Powered by Microsoft Azure

The DFS DX connected solutions platform combines decades of industry and product experience from all Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) product brands (ClearView, Fairbanks, OPW Fuel Management Systems, ProGauge, Tokheim, and Wayne Fueling Systems) with the power and security of Microsoft Azure. DFS DX utilizes Microsoft’s secure and scalable Azure IoT platform to gather and quickly process a multitude of secure data points to deliver real-time information that helps fuel networks drive efficiencies and cost savings while providing security and scalability. These solutions deliver easy, convenient, actionable insights to track and manage day-to-day business activity on the forecourt, and ultimately transform the customers’ experience and optimize site asset performance.


Powered by Microsoft’s secure and scalable Azure cloud services, DFS DX is the industry’s first open, global, and common cloud platform.


Azure IoT integrated with connected IoT smart devices enables you with a centralized, connected experience delivering optimized asset management and an enhanced customer experience.


Azure IoT Edge enables processing normally done at the cloud to be done by the edge device. By moving select workloads to edge devices at the site, you can accelerate response times and enable processing even when you’re not cloud connected.

Drive increased sales revenue

Many locations operate retail, car wash, or other related businesses, and these can be vital for your bottom line. Promote products and services at the dispenser to drive in-store foot traffic and sales, increase customer loyalty, and deliver an overall enjoyable customer experience.

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Entice customers

Engaging customers at the fuel dispenser with promotions in a personalized way can be challenging when you’re limited to physical signage. But DFS DX enables you to capture attention with media options that can entertain and entice customers with deals and offers, so they spend more money at your convenience store or car wash. Plus, updating promotions is fast and easy, thanks to DFS DX’s connected solutions cloud-enabled platform.

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Streamline checkout

Keeping your point-of-sale systems current and updated across multiple locations and devices can be time consuming but what used to take days can now be done in minutes. DFS DX streamlines the process—with everything in the cloud, you can update systems across all locations simultaneously, allowing you to save time and ensure a smooth customer checkout.

Maximize site assets and operational efficiency with IoT

From the tank to the payment module, the operational efficiency of your entire retail station has a direct impact on your bottom line. The DFS DX connected solutions platform helps you streamline operations and optimize site assets.

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Monitor from anywhere

You don’t need to be on site to be 
in control. DFS DX solutions can be accessed remotely on a web browser, enabling you to monitor trends, make more informed business decisions, and keep operations running smoothly—no matter where you are.

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Monitor from anywhere

Maintaining regulatory and environmental compliance is critical to your bottom line. When issues happen, you need to act fast. DFS DX offers the ability to monitor your fuel for Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) compliance. With the ability to test for 45 potential causes of fuel loss, DFS DX can precisely pinpoint failures and provide actionable alerts.

Increased safety and security with DFS DX connected solutions

When it comes to fuel stations, compliance and security are critical. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the software applications that comprise the DFS DX connected solutions platform use intelligent edge to provide ongoing updates on the state of your devices. The solution suite uses Azure Stream Analytics to expedite data creation and alert you to potential issue.

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Increase pump

Nine out of ten fuel pump issues aren’t discovered until a customer reports it, which can cost you valuable time, money, and ultimately, customer loyalty. DFS DX, with its IoT enabled connected solutions, monitors for potential issues and proactively lets you know if something needs to be addressed, reducing costly breakdowns and customer frustration.

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Make informed 


Making good decisions requires data insights. DFS DX connected solutions deliver actionable insights from the convenience of a centralized, cloud-based dashboard. Remotely track business and resource trends, stay updated on day-to-day activity, and react quickly to unexpected occurrences.

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