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We are Connected Teams

At DFS, our people are the core of our company. We will achieve and sustain an inclusive and equitable culture, celebrate our uniquely diverse employees, and actively engage with our customers and communities. We foster openness and trust by respecting and valuing everyone and authentically bringing out the best in each other, using our growth mindset to succeed. Together, we are fueling change around the world. 

Hear From Our Leaders

We are committed to our core value of respecting and valuing our people, and it starts with the voices of our leaders, our “tone at the top”.


Enabling Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion (DEI) at DFS

We are proud to have global, regional and local DEI councils in place at DFS to enable and equip DFS on our DEI strategy of cultivating a diverse, equitable, inclusive and enjoyable organization, and execute our DEI strategy on the ground with our teams around the world.

International Women's Day

We love celebrating our people by participating in opportunities such as International Women’s Day, our moment each year to specifically thank and recognize the achievements of our DFS women, and women around the world.

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