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DFS Hydrogen Dispenser

At DFS, we consider hydrogen an essential part of a decarbonized energy mix and one we predict will become one of the mainstream fuels for heavy duty transport, as well as light vehicle passenger cars, next to electricity.

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DFS Anthem UX User Experience Platform

The DFS Anthem UX user experience platform is destined to revolutionize every aspect of the customer experience. From touchscreen, wireless, recognition, media, and more — to making the fueling experience fast, easy, relevant, and even fun.

DFS Edge Device

The DFS Edge device is a compact data collection solution, built on the latest Microsoft technology and DFS software, and has been designed to give forecourts the power they need to stay connected. 

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DFS - DMP (2).png

DMP Probe

The DMP probe is a global fuel measurement solution designed to give readings of fuel within underground and overground storage tanks with unparalleled accuracy.

DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk

The DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk is an innovative development that allows customers at fuel stations to pay for their fuel, convenience store items and any additional forecourt services, such as the car wash, in one transaction.

DFS - Selfcheckout Kiosk.png

DFS DX Connected Solutions Platform

DFS DX is a connected cloud solutions platform delivering operational cost reductions, increased sales, and an enhanced customer experience through a combination of intelligent fueling and retail solutions. DFS DX is a globally-available open platform with the ability to connect to your business systems cloud-to-cloud or through intelligent edge integration.

DFS Wireless Connect

DFS Wireless Connect is a secure, EMV-compliant, double-encrypted connectivity solution designed to meet your site's connectivity needs. Benefit from more speed and less downtime with "plug and play" technology which can be installed in minutes vs hours, reducing downtime and avoiding costly excavation labor. The fastest connectivity solution available will also increase the speed of transactions on the forecourt, enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

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Introducing T-Media from DFS - a complete solution for integrated digital media that turns each of your fuel dispensers into a promotional powerhouse. T-Media is a powerful content management solution that gives you the ability to drive targeted promotional strategies and enhance the customer experience, right where you need it most – at the fuel dispenser.

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