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DX Fleet

DX Fleet is a revolutionary cloud-based fuel management solution that provides fleet owners, operators, and managers a connected experience through the use of interlinked devices and the ability to remotely monitor their entire fleet fueling enterprise digitally. DX Fleet delivers real-time monitoring of your fleet vehicles, proprietary cards, transactions, alerts, notifications and reports. Additionally, fleet users can leverage a mobile application for fueling authorizations, which provides an easy and innovative alternative to standard fleet cards.

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DFS Fleet Mobility-As-A-Service

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Manage your entire fleet fueling enterprise from a single cloud-based interface

DX Fleet simplifies fleet fueling operations management. From a single cloud-based interface, you can determine user access rights, analyze transactions, view reports, and leverage business insights to improve business efficiency and reduce costs across your entire fleet fueling enterprise.

Manage your fleet fueling enterprise and receive reports in real time

Reduce the risk of fraud or delays with your fleet fuel sites through the use of real-time alerts on fuel inventory, system diagnostics and fleet transactions.

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Move to mobile

Provide an alternative to standard physical fleet cards with the DX Fleet mobile application, which offers fueling authorization from a mobile phone device.

Discover the features, reap the benefits...


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Graphically-enabled and tiered dashboards...

Decrease operational costs and unplanned downtime by quickly finding the information most important to sites and/or organizations.

Centralized controller management & configuration...

Reduces service visits to sites by enabling remote capabilities to manage FMS controllers from the cloud.

Cloud-based account management...

Reduces operational costs by consolidating card management to a central location that can be managed via the web portal.

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Real-time visibility to fueling data, transactional information, or alerts generated by devices...

Improves performance and decreases unscheduled downtime by providing the ability to proactively manage sites based on status or alerts.

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Web-based cloud application built on Microsoft Azure's security features, data integrity and confidentiality...

Eliminates the need for additional IT infrastructure & resources as implementation is server and computer independent.

DX Fleet Resource Library

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DX Fleet

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DX Fleet
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