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DX Monitor

DX Monitor enables centralized monitoring and management of fuel dispensers and payment modules across your entire enterprise of forecourts. Utilizing the ability to remotely update software and firmware at the dispenser, DX Monitor reduces maintenance costs and maximizes fuel dispenser uptime. Having visibility over the health of each forecourt in the network enables you to proactively prioritize maintenance activities and focus on sites that need immediate or near-term attention. By providing access to and insights on each dispenser and fueling point, DX Monitor can help make your fueling station more efficient and cost effective.

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Resolve issues before they cause an impact

Proactively manage fueling points to ensure dispensers and payment operations are running smoothly, as well as receive updates on fueling point and payment module health, alerting you to issues before they impact your customers' - or your own - bottom line.

Keep your payment modules up-to-date and secure

DX Monitor enables dispenser and payment-related software updates through centralized and remote software upgrades. Eliminating the need for site visits to perform software upgrades saves both time and money.

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Decrease maintenance costs and boost operational efficiency

Monitor the flow rates of every fueling point and grade, remotely reboot a payment module for basic troubleshooting, and view dispenser logs before traveling to site to decrease maintenance costs and improve overall operational efficiency.

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Highly secure and scalable web-based application built on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform...

Allows for secure communications with, and management of, a number of remote devices.

Remote upgrades...​

Provide the ability to bulk distribute and validate upgrades to connected devices, saving time and cost otherwise spent on site visits.

Enhanced safety and security...

Offers real-time visibility over safety and security events, prompting immediate awareness and action.


Proactive, condition-based equipment state evaluation...

By preventing equipment degradation or failure and proactively mitigating issues during low-traffic times, equipment utilization is maximized and customer experience is enhanced.


Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting...

By providing remote access to site equipment alarms, operating state and parameters, physical attendance to site by maintenance personnel can be avoided, reducing costs.

DX Monitor Resource Library

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DX Monitor


Training Center

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Minimum Specification


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The Fueling Industry's First Remote, Cloud-based Fuel Dispenser Monitoring and Management Platform

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