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When customers are refueling their vehicles, it is the ideal time to inform them about the other products and services you offer. DX Promote enables retail fueling stations to give customers an immersive digital experience by delivering targeted advertising alongside other entertainment and informational content throughout the fueling process. Whether you want to boost convenience store purchases, upsell high-octane fuel or car washes, or simply provide entertaining content on demand, DX Promote can enhance your customers' engagement and loyalty to your stores while increasing your overall per-visit revenue and profit.

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Boost sales and profit margins

Now you can boost in-store sales, premium fuel, and car wash sales—increasing your overall average per-visit revenue and profit. Maximize your overall promotional reach with the ability to run more than one promotion during a single fueling process.

CSP Awards DFS

Award-Winning Solution
Two-time winner at the 2021 CSP Retailer Choice Best New Products Contest: Technology and Forecourt categories

Drive customized, targeted promotional strategies

Streamline content management across multiple fueling stations or sites with a straightforward cloud delivery process. Create playlists for every stage of the refueling process, then change or update them whenever you need to. Leverage scheduled dayparting to target different promotions at different parts of the day.

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It is no secret convenience stores generate most of their revenue from inside sales. The challenge lies in driving customers inside the store from the forecourt after what is considered a “distressed purchase” and often just a stop between two locations...

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Enhance customer experience and loyalty

Engage customers with the content they want and expect, including relevant promotions and entertainment. Easily promote loyalty programs to drive an enhanced
customer experience.

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Advertising – it’s everywhere. From the moment you wake up and check your smart phone, you can’t escape it. From the internet to billboards, magazines to in-store promotions, today’s society is built on selling through advertising. But does advertising really work? Is the investment worth your time and energy?

Discover the features, reap the benefits...


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Dayparting schedules...

Increase customer engagement through a relevant and fully immersive digital experience at the pump.

Grouping sites...

Facilitates efficient content delivery for high scale operations​.

Trigger options​...

Give you the capability to push more than one content piece within the same fueling transaction​.

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Streamlined, easy-to-use content management portal​...

Offers improved efficiency in uploading and managing content delivery​.

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Frequent content delivery and content refreshes​...

Maximize consumer engagement.

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Reliable content

Means that content continues to play on the dispenser even during loss of connectivity​.

DX Promote Resource Library

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Minimum Specification


Training Center

DX Promote

The DFS Guide To Next-Generation Dispenser Media Technology

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Does advertising
really work?

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Pump profits: payment tech
pulls it together

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