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DX Retail

If you have responsibility for managing one or more point-of-sale (POS) systems, DX Retail makes it easier than ever to update all your stores’ Prizma and DFS Self-Checkout systems securely and efficiently, thanks to its use of Microsoft Azure and intelligent edge technology. Driving updates to multiple pieces of Prizma site equipment is straightforward, fast and can be done with the touch of a button from any web-enabled device from anywhere, thanks to its cloud-based connected solution. The ability to remotely drive updates to a single site or to hundreds of sites simultaneously is a significant time savings and ensures your sites are always updated with the latest retail items and pricing.

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Make POS adjustments quickly

and easily

Synchronize your site information over the cloud and implement changes and updates across your entire Prizma and DFS Self-Checkout system network with the single push of a button.

Streamline multi-location updates

Quickly send POS updates to multiple locations simultaneously, saving time and maintaining standards across your entire chain.

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Customize POS configurations

Create specific groups for different sets of POS configurations, for example, a group of self-checkout kiosks, in order to make convenient targeted updates.

Discover the features, reap the benefits...




Eliminates the effort and work associated with manually collecting individual reports across each site in your network.

Multi-location functions...

Save time and maintain standards across an entire install base, reduce overall service costs by efficiently deploying changes, and increase the flexibility, efficiency and work associated with managed stations.

Article management...

Saves time by making it easier to manage in-store POS items remotely, for example by configuring a new item button or a new item image at multiple locations simultaneously.

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Smart Sync...

Data and configuration of multiple sites are synchronized and retrievable at any location.


Backup and restore functionality...

Decreases risk of data loss and reduces downtime.

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Centralized site management and configuration...

Enables users to obtain data that allows them to stay informed with site operational activities, reduce operational costs and boost efficiencies. 

Retail resources

DX Retail Resource Library

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Minimum Specification


DX Retail


What do our customers say?

"DX Retail came at the right time because COVID made life so difficult for everyone. To be able to look at your stock and sales real-time at any site anywhere in the world is not only convenient, its essential.  Without DX Retail, it would be extremely difficult to continue to run a competitive, successful business.” 

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