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EMV Migration Guide FAQ

EMV Migration Guide FAQ

What do I need to enable EMV on my fueling site?

You’ll need current DFS EMV capable hardware and payment software on your forecourt equipment, which—depending on the age of your current dispensers—may include card readers, a complete internal component retrofit kit or a bolt-on EMV payment terminal. EMV requires TCP/IP ethernet connectivity, which can be implemented over your existing twisted pair wiring or wirelessly with DFS connectivity solutions. Lastly, you’ll need upgraded point-of-sale (POS) software that has been certified with your payment host/acquirer.


When can I begin upgrading my site?

You can begin upgrading your dispenser hardware and site connectivity today. DFS has a retrofit solution for almost every dispenser manufactured in the last 15 years. Contact your distributor or DFS Sales Representative today to start planning your hardware upgrade path. As a last step, enabling EMV transactions on your site requires your POS to be EMV-certified with your payment network. Reach out to your POS provider or DFS sales representative to determine your POS readiness. You can also find targeted certification dates for all POS vendors  here.

If I upgraded my dispenser hardware before October 2017, do I need additional upgrades?

The short answer is no. If your dispensers are running Wayne iX Pay secure payment (Red Boards and Secure Hybrid Card Readers) and you are only looking to enable EMV, you only need a software upgrade. If you want to implement additional DFS technologies—like P2PE or media—with EMV, you’ll need to upgrade your iX Pay secure payment Red Boards to Jade Boards. You will need a certified DFS technician to visit your site to activate your EMV components and install the latest DFS EMV payment software. For additional upgrade details, consult your distributor or regional sales manager to begin a site assessment today.

What if I upgraded my dispensers within the last couple of years?

If you have newer Wayne Ovation or Wayne Helix fuel dispensers, you are ready to go from a dispenser hardware perspective. You will still need a certified DFS technician to visit your site to activate your EMV components and install the latest DFS EMV payment software. And don’t forget to consult your POS provider about the EMV readiness of your POS system.


I’m still not quite sure what I need to do about “EMV certification” and my POS system.

Three levels of certification are required to turn on outdoor EMV at a retail fueling site. Level 1 and 2 are covered by DFS through your EMV hardware and software upgrades. Level 3 certifies the POS side of EMV transactions with your major oil or banking payment network; POS providers are responsible for this certification, and EMV enablement will likely require a software update to your POS. Contact your POS provider, DFS distributor or sales rep to help determine your precise POS update needs.

What happens if I don’t upgrade to EMV by April 2021? What’s my liability?


After April 2021, the liability (i.e. chargebacks) for any transactions involving a fraudulent EMV chip card processed on an automated fuel dispenser (AFD) without EMV capability will shift from the card issuer to the acquirer or merchant. In most cases, acquiring banks will pass these charges down to the merchant. The average loss—which includes loss of revenue, transaction fees, goods sold, overhead costs for the sale, and chargeback fees—in such a scenario will range from $2.50 to $3 per transaction dollar. This means a fraudulent $45 refueling sale will cost your operations an estimated $115. And beware—as the market shifts to outdoor EMV, sites that haven’t upgraded will become a target for fraudulent card activity. In high-fraud markets today, it’s not uncommon for a single-site owner to be on the hook for 10 to over 100 chargeback instances per month.

Is there financing available for DFS EMV equipment?

DFS is now offering a financing program with rates as low as 2.19% for up to 60 months. Click here, to find out more or contact your DFS regional sales manager to lock in a great rate for your EMV upgrade purchase. 


Who do I contact for more information?


Your local distributor or DFS regional sales manager is your best point of contact for any additional questions you may have about upgrading to EMV.

FINANCING: For more information about financing options or to download our EMV Express Calculator click below.

DISTRIBUTORS & STATION OWNERS: Need to find a DFS rep or ready to get started? Click below.

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