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Power UX™ 180 Electric Vehicle Charging System

The Power UX™ 180 Electric Vehicle Charging System – a high-powered, 180kW DC fast charging system, available in Europe. This EV charger is perfect for use at fuel retail locations and commercial and retail parking areas, as well as workplace environments. It’s a charging system that can help retailers broaden their offering, so their customers can power up at the same great locations they visit to fuel their vehicle, while giving site owners an opportunity to win over new customers.

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David Mc Guinness

Director of Product Management, Electric Vehicle Charging, DFS

“Electric vehicles can offer benefits to both drivers and the environment. Operating with the same, if not better, processes than their petroleum and diesel counterparts, electric makes your journey better ergonomically, economically and environmentally.”

The energy mix in the fuel retail and convenience industry is changing.


As the world tries to balance the ever-growing global need for more energy alongside decarbonization in the transportation sector for improved sustainability, is your business ready to take on the new challenges this brings?

Powerful Output for Fast Charging

Our high-powered EV charging system uses dual power distribution to deliver up to 180kW of energy to one EV post or share it simultaneously to two posts in power stacks of 90kW. Power UX™ 180 EV Charging System provides your customers with reliable DC fast charging that can deliver up to 100km of driving from less than 10 minutes of charging – allowing them to utilize our maximum power output to meet their vehicle battery requirements.

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Wayne Power UX™ 180 Electric Vehicle Charging System

Tokheim Power UX™ 180 Electric Vehicle Charging System

Looking for something else?


We also supply ChargePoint EV charging systems via our network of distributors.

Available in North America only.

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DX Power™ connects EV chargers into the forecourt systems, offering retailers additional payment options, increased visibility into their sales and forecourt operations while providing customers with a unified consumer experience.

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