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Wayne Global Vista Fuel Dispenser

Combining reliability, user experience and durability, the Global Vista fuel dispenser has been developed to offer value to your forecourt. Designed to deliver optimal performance through Wayne’s leading technology, these dispensers are both versatile and user-friendly and help to deliver an enhanced experience for your clients. The Global Vista fuel dispenser is built with a resistant and durable construction that is easy to install and maintain, and is perfect for anyone seeking stellar performance and durability.

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Reliable performance

The Global Vista fuel dispenser is ideal for those requiring a high level of performance and dependability. It features Wayne iGEM computer electronics, a self-diagnostic, remotely programmable operating system, serial communication, and the industry renowned Wayne iMeter fuel meter, which delivers maximum accuracy at all flow rates.

User-friendly experience

Designed not to only look great on your forecourt but also to enhance your client’s experience, the Global Vista dispenser has been built following careful analysis of consumer behavior, with an intuitive interface, easy-to-read displays and a vibration-free, low noise operation.

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Built on corrosion-resistant materials and global standard components, the Global Vista dispenser is designed to focus on productivity, lower maintenance expenses and reduce operational stoppages, providing years of peace for your forecourt operation.


Global Vista Fuel Dispenser

The Global Vista fuel dispenser has the power to provide up to four products across eight nozzles, and boasts standard flow rates of 50 liters, with the option to upgrade to a maximum of 75 liters per minute. This dispenser uses less island space due to its orientation, and is available as a suction pump or remote dispenser to suit your forecourt needs.

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