LIQAL Alternative Fuel Dispensers

LIQAL is the go-to brand for both LNG and hydrogen fueling solutions, enabling fuel retailers across Europe to supply LNG and hydrogen as mainstream fuel. We aim to play an important role in the further development of clean transport fuel by providing innovative and proven hydrogen and LNG fueling technologies to the fuel and convenience retail industries. The key to our success and encouraging more and more cleaner vehicles onto the road? Making them part of the wider alternative fuel economy, supplying stations with state-of-the-art, safe and user-friendly refuelling solutions.

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LNG Fueling

Our self-designed and produced LNG fuel dispensers comply to all standards to sell LNG as transport fuel, including the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and are fully certified to operate on the European market. With ergonomic and user-friendly hose positioning and nozzle docking, single and double-sided configurations and delivering a maximum filling speed of 150 L/min, our LNG dispensers are the the perfect environmentally-friendly addition to your future forecourt.

Hydrogen Fueling

If you're interested in adding hydrogen as an alternative to your forecourt, you're in the right place. We supply innovative 350 and 700 bar hydrogen fueling solutions for fuel stations. Our dispensers are designed with the look and functionality of the traditional fuel dispenser, with a full range of applications including high-speed, back-to-back vehicle refueling.

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LIQAL Hydrogen Dispenser

The LIQAL Hydrogen standalone fuel dispenser has been designed to support hydrogen fueling, one of the most mainstream alternative energies, and provides an excellent fueling experience as well as extremely reliable and safe operation. Including cooling technology and fully compliant with the Mesauring Instruments Directive, the LIQAL Hydrogen dispenser offers dual-sided fueling and fast refueling, and is built to support both 300 and 700 bar configurations. 

LIQAL LNG Dispenser

The LIQAL LNG fuel dispenser has been built to support the rise in popularity of both LNG and bio-LNG fueling options. Designed for reliable performance again low total cost of ownership in demanding daily use and high throughput applications, this sleek dispenser with its stainless steel frame and casing supports two-sided truck fueling positions, comes with an in-built vapour recovery system and has integrated PLC with control logic for autonomous automation.