Management Solutions

The DFS portfolio of management solutions can help you to improve efficiency and reduce costs of your operation. From the moment you take a fuel delivery right through to the end user’s fuel tank, we have got integrated hardware and software solutions that make the process uncomplicated and efficient. We can collect the data, measure and monitor the fuel, facilitate secure payment, support fleet operations and much more. Check out the DFS management solutions suite and see how we can benefit your business.


Fuel Management Solutions

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Our fuel management solutions are perfect for providing your fuel stocks with the best protection possible. Our solutions, services and equipment work in perfect harmony to safeguard your fuel business from instances of fuel loss, so it can remain as profitable as possible, leaving you free to focus on running other aspects of your business operation.

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Our monitoring services are capable of protecting your forecourt against instances of fuel loss, through careful collection and analysis of data collected from many sources from across the forecourt. If an issue is identified, we are able to find the source and exact location of the problem quickly.


Our tank gauge consoles are some of the industry's best. We offer a range of options depending on your specific need, to suit every size of fuel retail business. From the ProGauge MagLink LX 4 to the OPW FMS SiteSentinel Integra 500, our consoles are renowned for quality, accuracy and reliability.

(Fuel Pricing)

We've partnered with EdgePetrol to bring you a fuel pricing solution optimized through real-time data and actionable insights. EdgePetrol is integrated with DFS cloud solutions and enables you to push and confirm price changes to the forecourt directly from the cloud.


Our range of probes provide seamless readings of liquids inside of fuel tanks, so that any instances of fuel loss are quickly picked up and sent directly to the tank gauge as an alert. They are also able to discriminate between different liquid types, and therefore notify the site operators of the presence of unwanted substances.


Site Optimization and Remote Management Solutions

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Your retail business is better, connected. We offer several remote management products that allow you to control your fuel network from afar. Access alerts, view reports, and implement network-wide changes easily with our innovative site optimization solutions.

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Tokheim Petrol

The Tokheim Petrol Manager fuel management solution allows you to remotely manage fuel activities for your network of stations (unmanned or attended). It helps you oversee and operate your network with ease through alerts, view day reports, and seeing exactly how much fuel is stored in your tanks. 

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ONE Portal is an 'all-in-one' web application that offers superior remote site and network management, centralising DFS solutions such as Tokheim OASE and Petrol Manager within one online platform.


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Fuel Homebase

Tokheim Fuel Homebase is a dedicated solution for the management of unmanned stations. It allows you to connect seamlessly with other systems on your unmanned station including outdoor payment, dispensers, CCTV, tank level gauges, pole-sign, and car wash. 

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If you want it all - all the functionality, centralization and connectivity - you need DX Monitor. It's a complete site optimization solution that gives you the information you need to make your site more efficient, and more cost-effective.


Retail Management Solutions

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Managing your fuel retail business can be tricky. With so many areas that need attention, investing in a solution that improves operational efficiency and centralizes all elements of your business is vital. Our retail management solutions range from state-of-the-art POS systems to innovative in-store, in-dispenser and mobile payment products, which effortlessly combine the fueling and payment process and improve the overall customer experience.

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Fuel POS

The Tokheim Fuel POS boasts an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and connects seamlessly with all other systems on your service station including dispensers, indoor and outdoor payment, fully integrated CCTV, tank-level gauges, price pole signs, the back office and the car wash.

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Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment

The Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment platform has been designed to provide the highest level of payment security for DFS' North American customers. The platform can be easily integrated with our Ovation and Helix fuel dispensers to add another level of protection for your customers.

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DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk

Combining in-store purchases with fuel payments, the DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk enables customers to pay for all of their forecourt and convenience store purcahses in one, without the need for cashier assistance. Simply fuel, shop, scan and pay with the DFS Self-Checkout Solution.

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The Tokheim OASE (Online Authorization and Switching Environment), is DFS' payment gateway solution that helps faciliate fuel and bank card payments. Alongside card payments, Tokheim OASE also offers a loyalty and e-voucher gateway.

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If you're based in North America, you'll know all about the recent EMV liability shift. Our EMV solutions are engineered to make your transition to EMV as easy and cost-effective as possible, with solutions that provide value far beyond meeting EMV compliance.


Tokheim Crypto VGA payment.png

Tokheim Crypto 

VGA Payment

The Tokheim Crypto VGA outdoor payment series brings a new level of functionality to your forecourt. Whether you select an independent terminal or an in-dispenser solution, the Crypto VGA makes paying for fuel quick, easy and convenient.


Fleet Solutions

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Our Fleet Solutions have the ability to take your business to the next level with end-to-end software and hardware solutions from the pump to our new cloud-based connected solutions platform, DX Fleet. Whatever the size of your business, manage your fleet seamlessly and gain detailed insight into operating efficiencies, through our full range of fleet management solutions.



DX Fleet is a revolutionary cloud-based fuel management solution that provides fleet owners, operators, and managers a connected experience through the use of interlinked devices and the ability to remotely monitor their entire fleet digitally.



Our fleet products are designed to make the management of your fleet business as simple and pain-free as possible, by delivering secure, accurate and reliable fuel tracking for 24-hour unattended fueling operations of every size.


Connectivity Solutions

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A connected forecourt is a more efficient one. Our connectivity solutions are able to join many aspects of your fuel operation and site equipment together. Connect your point-of-sale system to your dispensers, tank gauges, probes, site controllers and much more. 

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DFS Edge

Intelligent IoT Platform

The DFS Edge intelligent IoT platform is a solution built on Microsoft technology. This future- proofed piece of equipment connects and interfaces with all aspects of your forecourt, so that your fuel business stays connected - always. 

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Wayne Fusion


The Wayne Fusion Automation Server connects your forecourt and convenience store devices together with cloud-based services, so you can run your retail fueling business more efficiently and effectively. It available to DFS' North American customers.

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The Wayne Connect network solution helps facilitate EMV-compliant secure payment transactions and add new forecourt media solutions over existing wire at your retail locations. Eliminating the need to shut down and rip up the forecourt to run additional cabling, this solution saves time and cost.

DFS Wireless


DFS has partnered with AvaLAN Networks to provide a secure, scalable, double-encrypted connectivity solution. DFS Wireless Connect increases the speed of transactions while remaining secure enough for EMV-compliant transactions and strong enough to support any media played on
the forecourt.

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