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The NACS Show brings together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning, buying and selling, networking and fun.

DFS Booth #4357
October 4 - 6, 2023

Accelerating Innovation through Legacy

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Customer Experience and Loyalty Start at the Pump

Ordering at the pump is here. DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR®, available on DFS Anthem UX® platform, is revolutionizing retail as an at-dispenser self-ordering solution. It empowers retailers to offer customized promotions and upsell using dynamic videos and static content, meeting the demand for automated fueling stations with enhanced self-checkout options. Get an early peek at new offerings with DX Promote®, your on-dispenser custom media solution.

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It all started with Anthem UX platform, our sleek 27” touchscreen display. Addressing the needs of all sites, we introduced DFS AX12 platform last year – a 12” color touchscreen display. This year we’re adding to the family with DFS AX7 platform, a 7” color touchscreen display. The Anthem UX platforms, partnered with DX Promote, create scheduled media that drives revenue at the dispenser and frees up site owners to focus on managing their business.

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From the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispenser with Anthem UX platform to Wayne Ovation® Multi-hose fuel dispenser and Wayne Select Fleet fuel dispenser, we'll be showcasing our latest fuel dispensing technology. 

Advanced Fuel

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The Future of
Fleet Control

Designed to handle all types of network fueling cards, the Petro Vend line of fuel control systems offers a level of purchase control, tracking and reporting that meets the high demands of today’s fleets.

Featuring sleek design and easy operation, the Petro Vend 300E (PV300E) terminal is an all-in-one insert-style unit with a 7-inch touch screen and alpha entry.

The Petro Vend 200 (PV200) Fuel Island Terminal provides advanced 24-hour fuel control to unattended commercial fleet fueling operations, big or small.

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Transform your business with solutions spanning wetstock management, remote asset monitoring, targeted media at the dispenser and fleet fueling site management.

Experience the power and possibilities of the DFS DX Connected Solutions Platform.

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ProGauge MagLink LX Plus with Pressure Line Leak Detection

DFS offers some of the industry's most advanced tank gauging systems and Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) solutions, The ProGauge MagLink LX Plus comes with a brilliant 7” color display with intelligent “touch and swipe” technology and supports EPA certified Static Leak Detection, Continuous Statistical Leaks, plus the added option to enable Pressure Line Leak Detection – certified, scalable, precise, powerful.

But that's NOT All...

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We're also bringing some of the greatest probes in the industry, because the success of our probes is no secret. Our probes are available as both wired and wireless units, so you can be sure that whatever your site configuration, you are receiving the best service.

LIQAL_ATEX_LNGDispenser_PerspLeft_DropShadow (2).png

Clean. Smart. Efficient.

DFS is dedicated to offering cleaner and more environmentally friendly ways to power vehicles. To help contribute to a greener planet, we have invested in a broad range of products and solutions that support a variety of clean fuels, including LNG, H2, LPG, CNG and electricity, alongside conventional fuel dispensers that have a lower impact on the environment. 

Secure Your Network, Secure Your Site

The AvaLAN Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) solution secures your IP data communication to, from and on your site to prevent a data intrusion accessing consumer and business data. AvaLAN MNSP - A managed network solution provided by trusted industry and network experts.


And be sure to check out our ecosystem of partners, who bring to the table added value, innovation and service. 

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