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Introducing the Wayne Ovation Multi-Hose Fuel Dispenser


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Any new fuel dispenser needs to integrate directly with your operation and the way you do business. 

Ovation fuel dispensers offer industry-leading “under-the-hood” technologies including: 

  • A choice of meters to best match your fuel demands. 

  • Flexible alternative fuel solutions. 

  • A range of payment solutions to meet your current and future needs. 

  • A variety of high-end media capabilities and interactive features. 

So regardless of the specific needs of your operation, Ovation fuel dispensers can be tailored to fit the exacting standards of your forecourt. 

Wayne Ovation Fuel Dispensers

​As the fueling landscape continues to evolve, so do your customers’ needs. In the fuel industry, there are now more fuel options on the market than ever before, fueling sustainability, choice and freedom. In reponse to this expanding range of possibilities, Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) has designed and delivered a state-of-the-art product that allows you to expand your fuel offering to your customers, secure your inventory, and ultimately drive more customers inside your store.​

Meet the fueling demands of the future with DFS’ proven, advanced technology, delivered through the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispenser. Expand your forecourt fueling possibilities with products engineered to increase reliability, deliver security, and enhance the customer experience.​

Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. 

Ready to withstand anything the world throws at them

Your fuel dispensers have to stand out in the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for years at a time. Ovation fuel dispensers are up to the challenge. Featuring a more streamlined bezel design, tempered glass, metal on high-touch areas, and all-metal columns, our new design protects against careless customers, swinging car doors, or whatever else the world may throw at it.

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High brandability. High styling.

High engagement.

Your fuel dispensers are often the face of your business and need to project your brand loud and clear, but do so in a way that is modern and pleasing to the eye. With 25% more branding space than previous Wayne models, Ovation fuel dispensers are designed to engage your customers right from the road. The entire package – shape, style, branding, and design – tells the your customers that you’re friendly, clean, up-to-date, and ready to do business with them.

Accessible, updatable,

and easy to own 

Payment, media, and other forecourt technology continue to evolve and your Ovation dispensers are engineered to evolve right along with them. Designed to make routine maintenance and updates easy, Ovation dispensers help your business operate at peak efficiency. Updates are simple with easily configurable and interchangeable parts. Calibration is a quick, one-step process. And the most accessible printer roll on the market makes changing receipt paper easy for any attendant to do. And of course, each unit is compliant with the latest payment technology standards.

Ovation Standard Dispenser - Accessible.
Ovation Standard Dispenser - Friendly (1

Friendly, secure, and easy to use

Dispensers must be intuitive, enabling and streamlining the transaction while employing privacy and security features that help your customers feel comfortable. Ovation dispensers can lead your customer through each step in the process, from payment, to fuel selection, to “See you again soon.” Recessed soft-key panels and other physical design characteristics, combined with state-of-the-art security technologies, provide unmatched peace of mind and protection. All in the only fully ADA-compliant dispenser
on the market.

Advanced technology that drives profit

In order to integrate directly with your operation and the way you do business, Ovation dispensers can be tailored to site the exact standards of your forecourt. Retailers can chose from:

  • A choice of meters to best match your fuel demands. 

  • Flexible alternative fuel solutions. 

  • A range of payment solutions to meet your current and future needs. 

  • A variety of high-end media capabilities and interactive features.

Ovation Standard Dispenser - Advanced Te
Ovation Standard Dispenser - E25 Standar

E40 / B20 Standard

In response to the industry movement towards higher fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gasses, Ovation dispensers now come standard with an E40/B20 UL listing. This reflects DFS’ ongoing intent of supplying retailers with the most flexible, reliable, and future-proof equipment options. Regardless of what direction government regulations or next-generation vehicle technologies take, your investment will remain viable for years to come.

A new choice in metering

The next generation of the Wayne iMeter fuel meter, commonly referred to as the iMeter 2 fuel meter, comes standard in Ovation fuel dispensers. Upgrade to our premium Wayne Xflo fuel meter for advanced performance.

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Ovation HS ultra-high-capacity fuel and DEF dispensers:

Stepping up the power

Wayne Ovation HS ultra-high-capacity fuel and DEF dispensers add ultra-high fueling performance to the modern, user-friendly Wayne Ovation fuel dispenser series. Now you can have a consistent brand image and user experience between your consumer islands and your high-volume truck islands. You have access to all the advanced technology the Ovation dispenser features – leading secure payment technology, large VGA display options, and media – to optimize user-friendliness and maximize sales. 



The Ovation HS ultra-high-capacity dispenser series offers the widest choice of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing configurations - from the convenience and space-saving benefits of combined diesel and DEF dispensers to the flexibility of standalone DEF-only dispensers. A broad variety of cold and unique warm climate models ensures there is a DEF solution best-suited for your region and site layout. Innovative user features and special DEF-compatible components provide you with dispensers that are both easy to use and maintain. 


High-speed workhorse

There is no substitute for speed. Streamlined hydraulics with the high-flow Liquid Controls™* meter provide impressive flow rates up to 60 gpm** with master and satellite hoses combined. Get your customers back on the road fast and maximize your station throughput. Dual internal 40 gpm filters prior to the meter for each hose provide extra flow capacity to efficiently filter both master and satellite hoses in one location without sacrificing flow performance. 

**Maximum flow rates are master and satellite flow rates combined at the discharges. Actual flow rates depend upon installation conditions, dispenser accessories, and the size of the submersible pump.


Even when mounted on a fueling island, Ovation HS dispensers are fully ADA-compliant. Ovation HS dispensers also offer the same user-friendly interface options as standard Ovation dispensers, including Wayne’s leading secure payment technology, plus a new secure alphanumeric keypad option for special trucking cards. Combination diesel and DEF models provide the convenience of diesel and DEF from the same location. 

Durability and reliability

The Ovation dispenser platform is more than a pretty face. Its robust construction with tempered glass, metal in high-touch areas, and extruded aluminum side columns makes it well suited for rough truck stop environments. Ovation HS dispensers use the same heavy-duty Liquid Control meter proven for decades in all of Wayne’s HS dispensers in demanding high-flow, high- pressure applications. Unique DEF module features provide dependable cold-weather performance. 

Security and flexibility

Wayne Dispenser Secure Access electronic door security is standard on lower diesel doors, and is also available for bezel doors as an option, providing the capability to disable dispensers when unauthorized dispenser entry is attempted. Added layers of security are provided through a lockable metal pulser cover and pulse-monitoring technology. A wide variety of models, including standalone diesel, cold-climate diesel +DEF, warm-climate diesel + DEF, standalone DEF, and high-flow/standard-flow diesel, ensures there is a dispensing configuration that best fits your region and site. 

More than a pretty face

Ultra-high-fueling performance up to 60 GPM maximizes station throughput. 

Sleek, modern Ovation dispenser cabinet design: 

Consistent brand image across both consumer and high- volume truck islands 


Robust and corrosion-resistant construction: 

Extruded aluminum columns, galvannealed steel panels, tempered glass, and metal in high-touch areas withstand rough truck stop environments

Satellite-in-use indicator:

Informs user of satellite status to prevent unauthorized fueling from hidden side of truck 

ADA compliance even when mounted on an island: 

Eliminates keypad mapping and provides consistent, user-friendly interface 

Secure alphanumeric keypad option: 

Enables alpha entries for special trucking credit cards 

Same user controls as standard Ovation dispenser: 

Ovation secure payment, large display, and media options provide common fueling experience across all fueling islands 

Wayne Dispenser Secure Access lower door security: 

Helps deter theft by disabling dispenser when unauthorized entry is attempted 

Heavy-duty Liquid Controls meter: 

Proven for decades in Wayne HS dispensers; withstands demanding high-pressure / high-flow fueling applications


Dual 40-GPM filters: 

Protect both meter and satellite; help clean fuel without sacrificing performance 

Electronic meter calibration: 

Quick one-step electronic calibration simplifies start-up and maintenance 

Pulser security: 

Lockable metal pulser cover and pulse-monitoring technology provide additional layers of security 

Ovation_HS_P2_No Dropshadow_edited.png

Diesel + DEF from one dispenser

Achieve increased customer convenience, smaller island footprint, and faster station throughput.


Right or left side cold-climate DEF module:

Specify left or right side to meet site requirements


Single unit diesel and DEF construction:

Installs in one step to simplify installation


Hose handling cabinet with heater:

Protect hose & and nozzle from freezing down to -40°F

DEF component cabinet with heater:

Cabinet-within-a-cabinet design with dedicated heater protects DEF components down to -40°F


Clear nozzle window:

Makes nozzle location easily identifiable to users

Patented self-closing nozzle and hose doors:

Quick access with automatic closing to help prevent DEF from freezing in cold weather

Retractable nozzle and hose doors:

Lock in open position in warm weather to provide convenient access most of the year

Best-in-class innovative hose handling:

First 6 feet of hose are tension-free and an additional 5-1/2 feet of automatically retractable hose provides extended reach to fill up tanks not lined up with dispenser

Hose-opening rollers:

Rollers ease hose handling and protect cabinet from wear

Heavy-duty hose doors:

Recessed doors with narrow opening protect doors from abuse from kicking

Underground or overhead inlet piping options:

Provide flexibility to meet your specific installation requirements 


Ovation Multi-Hose

Expand your forecourt fueling possibilities with a stylish dispenser engineered to deliver: with up to four hoses per side and up to 7 grades being dispensed, upgrade your forecourt today.”

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The Ovation fuel dispenser has been designed to enhance brand recognition and loyalty through its media platform, improve flexibility and security through its secure payment platforms and more, making it the advanced technology that can help drive profit to for your forecourt.  


Ovation HS
Diesel only and satellites

High-performance master and satellite models are for diesel only. All masters are equipped satellite-ready for each master hose. Satellite dispensers may also be used with the diesel master hoses in the diesel + DEF models.