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Dover Fueling Solutions Announces Acquisition of AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc.

The safest solutions, the fastest results

Secure, PCI-compliant and easy-to-install networking solutions for all the data connections in and around your fuel center.

From secure payment transmissions to pump control data, to media solutions and beyond, ensure your site is ready to support transmissions of every data type at the highest capacity available today.


DFS Wireless Connect


More Speed

Secure Wireless Ethernet will increase the speed of every transaction on the forecourt, streamlining your customer’s experience. Wireless connections are calculated at 300Mbps compared to 1 Mbps of aging buried cables.


Less Downtime

“Plug and play” wireless technology requires a fraction of the install time and requires no previous networking experience. Authorized service technicians can install in minutes vs hours or a full day, reducing downtime and avoiding costly excavation labor.


Increased Scalability

Secure Wireless Ethernet devices are designed to be highly scalable. As quickly as your business can grow, DFS Wireless Connect will grow with you. Increase fueling points or devices while never slowing down the system.

Ensuring Data Security in a Cloud-Enabled Solution

With the capability to comprehensively collect and share asset data across the enterprise, end-to-end data security is a prerequisite for a cloud-enabled, connected solution. Solutions architects designed DFS DX, which is powered by Microsoft Azure, to maximize security by establishing detailed — and practical — user management protocols. This white paper aims to educate fuel site operators and IT admins about the measures integrated into DFS DX to ensure data security and privacy.

• Authentication and Authorization: Supporting Federated Identity Solutions
• Defining Permissions in a Connected Solutions Platform
• Considerations for Meeting Data Privacy Compliance Standards

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