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Download now, read later. Our brochure explains everything you need to know about ChargePoint EV solutions.

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Dover Fueling Solutions Announces Collaboration with ChargePoint for Electric Vehicle Charging

Your customers will drive EVs. Is your business ready?

More than a decade of experience has helped us build the largest, most comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging network with solutions for every type of business. Let ChargePoint help you establish your brand as sustainability lead by installing EV charging solutions at your fuel site, to signal to your customers that you are ahead of your competitors and care for the environment.

ChargePoint caters for any EV, and has built a fully integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support with the best technology in the industry. For more than a decade, Chargepoint has been building a fuelling network of the future. Now, someone plugs into the ChargePoint network every second.


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Flexible EV Solutions

Deliver flexible solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business, and hardware technology that is rigorously tested to be safe, reliable and able to withstand the elements while offering your customers a driver-friendly, premium charging experience.


Cloud-enabled Management

Provide everything you need to manage your EV charging through an easy-to-use dashboard, with cloud software that ensure your systems are always up to date with the latest features and functionality, preventing costly upgrades down the road.


World-class service

Offer world-class service, products and support to meet your needs at every stage of your EV charging journey, from subscription pricing and site planning to installation, set-up and ongoing care.

Cleaner energy solutions that help you build a more sustainable future

Did you know that at DFS we offer a range of clean fuel solutions, including Hydrogen, LNG, CNG and LPG? Discover our clean energy solutions today.

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