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Dover Announces Acquisition of LIQAL B.V., a Leading Provider of LNG and Hydrogen Fueling Solutions

LIQAL – Your Next Station

Founded in 2014, LIQAL has continuously revolutionized the transport fueling industry as we know it. Through their patented technologies, including micro liquefaction and nozzle docking, LIQAL provides customers with safe, efficient and innovative clean fuel solutions alongside real-time insights to facilitate a better fueling experience and a cleaner future. In addition, LIQAL have recently introduced a bio LNG liquefier to their product portfolio, which reduces the fuel costs and CO2 emissions associated with the production of bio LNG. LIQAL’s goal: contribute to reaching 100 million tons of CO2 reduction by 2045.


Fueling Solutions


LNG Fueling

LIQAL’s state-of-the-art fueling solutions are designed for reliable performance against low total cost of ownership in demanding daily use and high throughput applications. Ranging from the Mobile Refueling Unit, LNG Fueling Station, LCNG Fueling Station and the LNG Dispenser.


Hydrogen Fueling

Advanced 350 and 700 bar hydrogen fueling solutions for automotive applications, designed to provide an excellent fueling experience and a reliable and safe operation.



Innovative liquefaction and re-liquefaction solutions for boil-off gas, biometer and natural gas.

The Future of Alternative Fuel

We sat down with Lise-Lotte Nordholm, DFS’ vice president of dispenser engineering and new product development, based in Sweden, and Jorg Raven, LIQAL’s founder and CEO, located in the Netherlands, to discuss all things alternative energy and its future within the fuel and convenience retail industry.

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