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Payment Products

At DFS, we offer some of the industry’s most secure and reliable payment solutions, including our brand new DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk, the renowned Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment Platform and the Tokheim Crypto VGA Outdoor Payment Terminal, offering you the breadth of choice you need to find the perfect payment solution for your fuel business.

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DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk

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DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk

In today’s society, easy, fast and convenient fuel retail shopping is not only desired, but expected; the requirements of consumers are evolving and they are demanding an exceptional shopping experience. Enabling this evolution of consumer experience in the fueling and convenience retail sector is part of our vision at Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS). The self-checkout kiosk is DFS’ answer to changing business needs and consumer demands. The fast-paced nature of self-checkout solutions makes the retail experience quicker, giving customers the option of avoiding long queues elsewhere. It’s an ideal solution for retailers looking to modernize and optimize stores on their forecourt.

The future is here

While it may seem difficult to introduce a self-checkout on the forecourt, DFS has designed a cost-effective solution that fits seamlessly with the in-store experience. Part of the Prizma, the DFS Self-Checkout solution is a ‘plug and play’ extension on your existing Prizma and offers customers the ability to pay for shop items, car washes and fuel in one transaction. With a focus on speed, convenience and simplicity, this new experience will drive repeat sales and long-term loyalty from your customers.


Happy customers

Queuing is a key frustration for consumers; self-checkout kiosks are faster than conventional staffed cashier solutions and allow customers to scan and pay for their goods in much less time. For the merchant, this means more completed transactions per hour and greater overall profit margins.


Speed and simplicity

A self-checkout solution is ideal for consumers who have a small number of purchases to make and wish to pay by card, making it ideally suited for the fuel and convenience retail sector.


Better use of personnel

A single employee can supervise multiple self-checkout kiosks, assisting consumers only when needed. Switching to self-checkout kiosks can lower the merchant’s labor costs due to the need for fewer staff. It also allows merchants to redeploy employees to other areas, improving business efficiencies.


Less is more

Secure, integrated payment solutions help to increase your retailing options, facilitate effortless payent, promote a safer store environment, and contribute to increased margins.

Advantages of the Self-Checkout Kiosk

  • Faster and more convenient checkout process

  • In-store flexibility due to small form factor

  • Multiple kiosks can be installed for optimal convenience and throughput

  • Fast return on investment 

  • Supports both fuel and in-store products

  • Reduce in-store cash by focusing on card and mobile payments

  • Use of standard Prizma hardware minimizes the impact on supply chain and reduces maintenance costs

  • Fully integrated solution with Prizma

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Wayne TAP

Wayne TAP Contactless/NFC Reader

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TAP into the future of payment

The Wayne TAP contactless/NFC reader is the future of payment at your fuel dispenser. No swiping. No sliding. No contact at all. Just mobile wallet and contactless technology that replaces conventional credit card payment. Facilitating fast and easy payment transactions can help you build stronger customer relationships and attract new business to your forecourt.

Attract customers with convenience

More convenience for customers means more business for you. The Wayne TAP reader helps enable fast, easy, and safe payment transactions right where your customer needs them: your forecourt. By supporting emerging NFC mobile wallets, as well as mag-stripe and EMV® contactless credit cards, the Wayne TAP reader helps take your store beyond simple mobile transactions to realize the full benefits of mobile commerce. 

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Payment - Wayne Tap.png