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AvaLAN Networks Unveils New PCI Certified Managed Network Service

The unique managed network solution provides forecourt owners with security, data protection, transparency and support.

AUSTIN, TX – October 3, 2022 – Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, today announced the launch of the new managed network service. The AvaLAN Managed Network Service solution secures network data to, from and at the site to prevent data intrusion from accessing sensitive payment and business data.

Uniquely designed for fuel center convenience store retailers, the AvaLAN solution is designed to actively prevent unknown traffic on and to a site and manage Ethernet ports, VPN connections and firewall configurations to securely connect all IP devices on site and help prevent threats. AvaLAN’s solution also provides seamless customer support integration and visibility from firewall to dispenser, making it easy for convenience store retailers to troubleshoot issues and avoid downtime.

“Consumer and payments data are continuously transmitted from fuel dispensers to the store and fueling station outdoor payment models put data at a higher risk than traditional networks. It is critical for forecourt owners to protect consumer, payments and business-sensitive data from cyber criminals,” said Matt Nelson, General Manager of AvaLAN Networks. “We're excited to offer forecourt owners a solution that increases transparency and security when they need it most, while also avoiding any potential costly downtime.”

AvaLAN is a leading market solutions provider for high speed secure wired and wireless networking in fuel retailing. AvaLAN products are made to have best-in-class security and are easy to install and maintain. The AvaLAN service will seamlessly integrate with other AvaLAN and DFS products yet remain agnostic for various site configurations.



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