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Dover Fueling Solutions Releases DFS Fusion™ Automation Server Version 3

AUSTIN, TEXAS, – September 1, 2021 – Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging, and wetstock management, is pleased to announce the launch of its DFS Fusion™ Automation Server Version 3. This model builds on the success of its predecessor but runs on more advanced technology used in many other new DFS products and solutions, such as the DFS Anthem UX™ user experience platform and DFS Edge – which means it is readily enabled for digital transformation for the retail fueling industry through DFS’ new connected solutions platform, DFS DX™.

The Fusion V3 boasts a fresh, sleek design, complete with a backlit LED screen for instant status updates. Developed to allow fuel dispensers, tank gauge systems, price signs and back-end reporting to interface more seamlessly with point-of-sale and ERP systems, this small but powerfully upgraded solution is packed full of performance-enhancing technology to facilitate faster speeds and better responsiveness, as well expanded connectivity options. Using the Fusion V3, fuel retailers gain real-time visibility into information that will help them make smart business decisions, any time, and from anywhere.

In addition, the Fusion V3 offers benefits such as in-depth reporting capabilities, providing enterprise-level visibility, remote management for unattended hours, interactive access for remote training, and remote accessibility and upgradability from any location. Fusion V3 can also be used as a flexible automatic tank gauge (ATG) system, removing need for a traditional console, optimizing investment and reducing complexity.

DFS Global Product Manager Nuno Almeida said, “The new Fusion V3 offers a reliable, secure and scalable solution for site automation, while optimizing the total cost of ownership. Building on DFS’ vast experience in advanced technology developments around the globe, Fusion V3 provides a high level of functionality and superior performance to deliver comprehensive connectivity of forecourt equipment.”

The first version of the Fusion Automation Server was launched by Wayne Fueling Systems in 2007, with the second version released in 2014, and over the years it has provided advanced connectivity functionality to thousands of forecourts across the world. This newest model is yet another example of how DFS leverages the strength of its history in innovation to spur its evolution into a technology leader in the fuel retail industry.

Read more about the DFS Fusion V3 at and hear about the DFS DX connected solutions platform at

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