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Dover Fueling Solutions® Announces New Wetstock Management Licensee Agreement with Avanceon

AUSTIN, TEXAS (25 March 2021) – Dover Fueling Solutions® (“DFS”), a part of Dover Corporation that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management, is delighted to announce that it has signed a new, three-year licensee agreement with Avanceon to provide DFS’ wetstock management services in Pakistan, with the view to expanding into the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar markets.

Avanceon has built its reputation as a leading provider of industrial automation, process control and systems integration, as well as proprietary energy management solutions and support services, over the past two decades. The company has a strong market presence throughout the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North America. This new agreement will mark Avanceon’s debut into the wetstock management sector and will be a significant contributing factor in helping DFS capture significant market share in this highly-specialized, expanding, downstream industry segment.

Junaid Mushtaq Paracha, Vice President Operations, Pakistan of Avanceon said, “We are very pleased to be able to add DFS’ wetstock management services to our current offering, which together with DFS’ automation and tank gauging solutions, provides us with a unique advantage in the market to deliver unmatched wetstock control and monitoring capabilities. We are really looking forward to providing this service to the region, where the opportunities for our customers to invest in advanced, analyst-led, third-party monitoring up to now have not existed. This collaboration is a good strategic move for Avanceon, and one that I am sure will help to reinforce our commitment to our clients and deliver to them an excellent return on investment.”

This new agreement means Avanceon will have access to expert support from DFS’ analyst center in Skelmersdale, UK, which is the largest fuel management analysis center in the world. This, coupled with the local expertise of Avanceon’s own analysts and automation support experts, operating out of their base in Lahore, means that Avenceon will be able to offer additional after sales support to over 8000 sites in Pakistan.

“We are really pleased to have signed this new agreement with Avanceon,” said Andy Sullivan, General Manager and Senior Director, Global Wetstock, DFS, “Avanceon has been a DFS systems distributor for some time and this makes them the ideal fit to roll out our expert wetstock services to the Pakistan market.”

Tim Firkins, DFS Business Development Senior Manager, commented, “ Avanceon is dedicated to serving the market with the best products, services and maintenance for fuel distribution and refuelling sites, including DFS’ automation products, such as the Wayne Fusion® forecourt system and automatic tank gauges. We are very much looking forward to developing DFS’ relationship with Avanceon, and – through working closely together in this partnership – we are confident that we can deliver an innovative portfolio of products and solutions that will exceed customer expectations in the region.”



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