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Dover Fueling Solutions® Announces New Wetstock Management Licensee Agreement with Wennstrom

AUSTIN,TEXAS (24 February 2021) – Dover Fueling Solutions® (“DFS”), a part of Dover Corporation that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging, and wetstock management, is thrilled to announce it has signed a new, three-year licensee agreement with Wennstrom to provide its wetstock management services in the Nordic region.

Wennstrom is one of the largest distributors of fuel-related products and services for the northern European transport market through its offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, delivering intelligent solutions for storing, distributing and refilling energy. The company already has a contract to sell DFS’ Wayne and ProGauge products, as well as carry out servicing and parts installation work, having been a long-standing partner and distributor for DFS for nearly 10 years.

As a major player in the fuel services sector, Wennstrom has a strong foothold in the market and is already making significant headway with the provision of wetstock monitoring services to existing customers from their analyst centre in the Nordics. This new agreement will mean access to expert backing from DFS’ analyst support centre in Skelmersdale, UK, which is the largest fuel management analysis centre in the world.

“We are really pleased to have signed this new agreement with Wennstrom,” said Tim Firkins, Senior Manager, Business Develoment. “Wennstrom has more than proven their value to DFS over the many years they have partnered with us, which makes them the ideal fit to roll out our expert wetstock services to the Nordic market, which is home to over 10,000 active fuel stations. We are more than confident this partnership will be instrumental in facilitating future DFS growth in the region.”

Andy Sullivan, General Manager and Senior Director, Global Wetstock, DFS, continued, “The Wennstrom Group is dedicated to serving the market with the best products, services and maintenance for fuel distribution and refuelling sites. Adding the Fairbanks expert monitoring service to their already strong portfolio will mean that both Wennstrom and DFS can continue to grow their business presence in this very profitable market, and achieve great things over the coming years.”

Øystein Tangen, Managing Director of Wennstrom Norway, added, “There is in an increased focus in the market on wetstock management, in order to protect the environment from the negative impact of fuel leaks. Our customers are not only concerned for the environment, but they also want to protect their business reputation and improve profitability by reducing fuel leaks to ground. The expert monitoring carried out by Wennstrom’s analysts, trained by specialists at Dover Fueling Solutions®, means instances of fuel loss can be quickly detected and the root cause swiftly identified, helping our customers to achieve these common goals. We look forward collaborating closely with the DFS Wetstock team going forward.”



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