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Dover Fueling Solutions® Launches DX Promote Auto™, a New Industry-Leading Managed Media Service

DX Promote Auto™ equips fueling and convenience retailers with premium, ready-to-be-displayed advertising content, helping save time, drive in-store foot traffic and boost bottom lines.

AUSTIN, TX – September 27, 2023 – Today, Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industry, announced the launch of DX Promote Auto™, a new managed media service that provides retailers with state-of-the-art advertising content to display on the DFS Anthem UX®. The new service will provide fueling and convenience retailers access to a dedicated team that manages and creates custom, site-specific advertising to help retailers save time, drive in-store foot traffic and increase sales.

DFS developed DX Promote Auto™ with feedback from Anthem UX® and DX Promote® users who want media but neither have the time nor the resources to create compelling and trusted content to unlock the true power of the Anthem UX®. Designed to offer retailers the necessary time to prioritize the supervision of daily operations, DX Promote Auto™ for Anthem UX® oversees the creation, management and presentation of short-form infotainment, national promotions and major oil content to customers, while also increasing in-store spend and enhancing customer experience at the pump.

“Many of our small and medium-sized business customers wear multiple hats and lack the resources and expertise for effective on-site advertising creation,” said Scott Negley, Senior Director, Product Management at Dover Fueling Solutions®. “The goal of this new offering is to lighten the load for retailers while simultaneously enabling the customer experience evolution. With the Anthem UX® platform increasing sales for promoted items by 51%, we know that targeted media is a powerful tool. Now, it’s about helping our customers create curated playlists and utilize this tool effectively to drive in-store foot traffic and boost bottom lines.”

To ensure retailers will be supplied with their preferred content on DX Promote Auto™, DFS will provide a customer intake form for banner ads on a quarterly basis. This will allow retailers to select monthly content picks to ensure relevance and value. Retailers will also be able to personalize the content for their marketing needs, such as calls to action and price points.

Included in the DX Promote Auto™ managed media service are the following:

  • Short-form infotainment, engaging national advertisements and major oil promotions (when provided)

  • Personalized retailer-selected banner ads with a call to action, scheduled by DFS (up to six per month)

  • If there is no media selected for the quarter, DFS will play a default playlist that includes rotating engaging content

  • Weather and traffic tabs provided by Google through DX Promote Auto™

  • A dedicated DFS team to manage the retailer’s media

DX Promote Auto™ on the Anthem UX® platform has rolled out at select fuel stations in the United States, with continued expansion planned for the near future. For more information, visit



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