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Dover Fueling Solutions® Launches Enhanced Tokheim Quantium® Fuel Dispenser Range

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 17, 2022 – Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, is proud to announce the launch of several fuel dispenser models in the Tokheim Quantium® fuel dispenser series. These new models will fall under the new Tokheim Quantium® ML fuel dispenser and the Tokheim Quantium® FS fuel dispenser ranges.

These new, enhanced models provide fuel retailers with reliable quality and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Available for both conventional and alternative fuels in multiple configurations, these dispensers provide site owners with unparallel choice and modularity to ensure they are the ideal fit for any forecourt.

The Quantium® ML fuel dispenser is versatile, accurate and durable, representing the best in fuel dispenser technology from DFS while enabling site owners to deliver a first-class service to their customers. Configurable to dispense up to five fuel grades per side, the Quantium® ML fuel dispenser comes with an extended range of options to meet specific requirements and a broad range of applications, from heavy-duty vehicle refueling to fuel retailing. The Quantium® ML fuel dispenser is available to configure with three different hose management systems, including our innovative new Extended Hose Retraction (EHR) option, which offers market leading hose reach for a superior user experience and optimal flow on busy forecourts. Building on the same look and feel and trusted quality of the Tokheim Quantium® 510M fuel dispenser, this new model range offers true modularity and reliable quality with technology leadership in every component and our strong corrosion protection for a long life with superior nozzle availability and low TCO.

The Quantium® FS fuel dispenser utilizes decades of hydraulic innovation and DFS’ core platform of quality components to provide a new fuel dispenser, engineered to last longer, require less maintenance, offer reliable operation and deliver low TCO over its lifetime. The Quantium® FS fuel dispenser is compact and powerful, capable of delivering a broad range of flow rates to suit applications from heavy-duty vehicle refueling and marinas, to industrial applications and fuel retailing. This model, just like the Quantium® ML fuel dispenser, is incredibly flexible and doesn’t sacrifice functionality or compromise on performance – it continually delivers, even with demanding daily use.

"These new improved dispenser models are packed with our leading technology, ensuring reliable operational performance while differentiating our customers’ forecourts, allowing them to truly stand out from the competition with superior nozzle availability,” said Soren Powell-Holse, Director of Product Marketing, DFS EMEA. “Tokheim dispensers are industry recognized for quality and engineered for a lifetime of reliability, so we are thrilled to be able to present our customers with our new and enhanced Quantium® FS and Quantium® ML models. They are perfect examples of reimagined modularity offering reliable performance in our trusted Tokheim quality."

In addition to the conventional dispensers, DFS is also introducing the Tokheim Quantium® ML AdBlue® fuel dispenser, the Tokheim Quantium® ML LPG dispenser, the Tokheim Quantium® FS AdBlue® fuel dispenser and the Tokheim Quantium® FS LPG dispenser.

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