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Dover Fueling Solutions® Partners with AvaLAN to Offer a Secure Wireless Ethernet Forecourt Communica

Dover Fueling Solutions® (“DFS”), a part of Dover Corporation that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging, and wetstock management, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Huntsville, Alabama-based wireless Ethernet company AvaLAN, to bring its secure wireless communication technology to market with DFS products for the first time.

The partnership between DFS and AvaLAN commences with the North American release of DFS Wireless Connect. This plug-and-play secure wireless ethernet system eliminates the need to excavate and re-wire the forecourt or rely on aging, low-speed wiring, allowing sites to support the latest dispenser functions and features, such as EMV® payment, media, diagnostics, mobile pay, loyalty programs, and interaction with the back office, which require a fast network to manage the communication and security. With DFS Wireless Connect, transmissions utilize a proprietary protocol combined with advanced encryption technology and have possibility for segmented networking for a logical separation of secure payment card holder data all the way out to the dispenser. This will allow retailers to have a separate subnetwork for secure outdoor payment data and thereby a simpler PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) audit.

“We are excited to be able to offer our AvaLAN solutions to all North American DFS fuel retailers. This secure wireless communication technology will help optimize the retailer’s business while increasing data security and simplifying the transition to EMV,” said AvaLAN CEO and President Matthew Nelson.

“This secure, proven technology from AvaLAN is a great complement to the Dover Fueling Solutions® product portfolio and will help our customers upgrade their forecourt networks to support the latest and future dispenser features,” noted DFS President David Crouse. “As a company committed to enabling the evolution of consumer experience in fueling and convenience retail, we are thrilled to be taking this step forward.”

For more information about AvaLAN’s secure wireless solution, click here.



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