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Dover Fueling Solutions® Releases Brand-New ProGauge MagLink LX Plus Console

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 17, 2022 – Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, is proud to launch its next-generation automatic tank gauge (ATG) console, the ProGauge MagLink LX Plus console. This brand-new console is available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America and will soon be available in the US. The ProGauge MagLink LX Plus console is DFS’ premium console and is part of the long-standing ProGauge MagLink LX console family. It joins the ProGauge MagLink LX 4 console model to bring several impressive upgrades, including intelligent “touch and swipe” technology, resulting in a truly immersive and interactive experience for the end user. With enhanced scalability, flexibility and connectivity, the MagLink LX Plus console is DFS’ most sophisticated, feature-rich console yet. The MagLink LX Plus console not only supports simple “on/off” sensors; it also interfaces seamlessly with “intelligent” sensors, such as those built on IntelliSense™ technology. This gives site owners even more flexibility when it comes to connecting consoles to forecourt equipment, and even greater monitoring coverage made visible through a single user interface. The MagLink LX Plus console is designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with other DFS products and solutions, including wetstock monitoring through DX Wetstock®, the new DFS DMP family of magnetostrictive probes, and all legacy probes from DFS, including OPW Fuel Management Solutions (FMS) models. The MagLink LX Plus console is a console designed to be scaled up. With base monitoring capabilities of up to 12 probes, this console can be easily enhanced to deliver monitoring of up to 32 probes across fuel networks. This, coupled with patented multi-drop technology, reduces installation costs and makes the MagLink LX Plus console the ideal solution for fuel retail sites of all sizes. “We are extremely proud to be able to launch this brand-new MagLink LX model at the UNITI Expo trade event,” said Fergus Heading, Senior Business Development Manager, ATG Business Unit at DFS.“ Through its enhanced graphical display, intuitive swipe technology, a faster processor and simplified reporting capabilities, the MagLink LX Plus is one of the most advanced tank gauge consoles available on the market.”

DFS ATG General Manager Stefano Scatena added, “The launch of the MagLink LX Plus console allows us to continue offering truly global solutions to the fuel retail market. Wherever our customers are in the world, whatever their needs, and whatever their forecourt set up, the MagLink LX Plus is all they will ever need to monitor and measure any liquid on site.”



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