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Dover Fueling Solutions® Sign Wetstock Management Services License Agreement with Bottomline

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 25, 2023 – Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services, and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industry, is pleased to announce it has signed a license agreement with Bottomline Scheduling ('s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands), enabling Bottomline to deliver DFS wetstock management service to markets in Benelux, France and Switzerland. This agreement further strengthens the relationship between both companies, following last year’s statement where it was announced DFS would be able to bring Bottomline’s logistic solution to DFS customers.

Using real-time data and advanced analytics, the Fairbanks real-time wetstock monitoring service from DFS can quickly and accurately detect fuel loss incidents within a retailer’s fueling system. The ability to pinpoint where in the system a leak may occur helps to minimize fuel loss by enabling quick intervention and enhancing the customer’s efforts to make decisions, take appropriate action and resolve problems.

“This license agreement means Bottomline can now provide extensive real time wetstock services to their customer base, and wider market, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France in combination with their logistics services,” commented Jeroen van Pelt, Global Sales Director, Wetstock Management, DFS. “This partnership continues to enable a true end to end solution to the market and provides their customers with unmatched insights to minimize loses, optimize business processes and ultimately make their business run smoother and more efficient.”

Andy Sullivan, Senior Director, Wetstock Management, DFS said, “Having already entered into a partnership for DFS to bring Bottomline Logistics to our wetstock customers, this new partnership will serve to bring the combined capabilities of both companies to a wider customer base seeking integrated wetstock services from terminal to tank”.

Bottomline is a leading supplier of inventory routing software, and in addition also offers two add-on services for efficient and in-time fuel station replenishment. The planning service is offered to companies that want to outsource their in-house truck planning department or are looking for an alternative for haulier planning. The transport service is offered to companies that want to profit from the shared truck concept Bottomline provides with a fleet of non-branded trucks. Part of the planning service and transport service is the wetstock management for trucks. Bottomline planners check continuously during the reconciliation process if delivered volumes are in line with loaded volumes with the objective to identify, understand and avoid product losses.

Léon van Rijswijk, CEO and Founder of Bottomline, added, "Bottomline now sees opportunities to expand on its existing service by offering customers wetstock management for fuel stations. A service that, in fact, helps them to avoid product losses throughout the whole logistics process, from depot tank to pump nozzle. Bottomline is delighted to have signed a license agreement with DFS for the delivery of this new add-on service in the Benelux, France and Switzerland."

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