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Dover Fueling Solutions® Supplies LIQAL BTU System to LC3 Trasporti in Italy

AUSTIN, TEXAS – October 26, 2023 – Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industry, is proud to announce the successful installation of the LIQAL Boil-off Gas Treatment Unit (BTU) system for LC3 Trasporti – the first refueling station in Italy that combines both Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Nitrogen and the first to be able to provide 100% Bio-LNG, not in blended form.

LC3 had to address various challenges including high pressure inside the LNG tank, due to boil-off gas (BOG), and inefficient refueling of LNG trucks. The installation of the LIQAL BTU system – which is situated on a private site supporting up to 160 trucks – mitigates such issues, enabling LC3 to provide a unified LNG and bio-LNG refueling experience at its Piacenza station. The new LIQAL BTU system, installed and commissioned by SGIG, ensures that tank pressure is under control and stable so truck drivers can refuel their LNG vehicle smoothly and consistently.

Michele Ambrogi, President of LC3 Trasporti, stated: "We have eliminated the potential risk of direct methane emissions into the atmosphere through this groundbreaking solution implemented at our LNG and Bio-LNG refueling station in Piacenza. With the LIQAL BTU system, we've addressed the inefficiencies that we had previously encountered and that were exacerbated over time by climate change, significantly improving our refueling capacity and the dispensing quality of the facility. With a fleet of LNG and Bio-LNG-powered vehicles covering over 15,000,000 kilometers annually, enhancing refueling performance has always been a top priority for us, along with maximizing the use of biomethane and the related reduction of any potential environmental impact resulting from our operations. In this specific case as well, LC3 has set a new precedent, reaffirming our position as pioneers in decarbonization in the heavy transport sector in Italy."

The LIQAL BTU system provides an environment conditioned for the storage of LNG, meaning it can be safely stored for an extended amount of time. As a modular and fully stand-alone unit, the LIQAL BTU system removes the need for any active management of storage pressure, eliminating the need for LIN consumption and logistics, while maximizing the LNG storage capacity for optimal delivery of LNG fuel to the Piacenza station. In addition, the LIQAL BTU system protects the environment by preventing the venting of BOG into the atmosphere.

“LC3 is the first Italian company gaining experience with our automated and TCO-effective BTU system, and we are very pleased with the positive feedback on its deployment. The LIQAL BTU solution re-liquefies the BOG at its LNG refueling station, ensuring extended holding time of the LNG inside the storage tank, helping significantly improve LNG fuel performance, and enabling 100% Bio-LNG to now be delivered to the trucks,” said Joost Jansen, Business Development Manager, LIQAL.

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