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Optimize your Entire Fueling System with Dover Fueling Solutions®

Managing all aspects of a fuel business can be a difficult job, fraught with challenges. At Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), we’ve designed our wetstock product and solutions offering ot help enhance site optimization capabilities to fuel retail businesses, to make their day-to-day operations smoother and more profitable.

Fuel retail markets across the globe have been taking advantage of efficient, third-party fuel management services for many years, replacing the traditional, manual processes that once were standard. Over the last 20 years, the fuel retail industry has become more technologically advanced, and retailers now have access to a vast array of wetstock management and tank gauging products and services. These products and services alert retailers if they are losing fuel, help pinpoint the source and exact location of the loss, and also provide valuable insights into many other aspects of running a fuel business, such as the extent of which fuel deliveries are accurate, how best to optimize fuel stations to increase sales and throughput and improve logistics and financial reconciliation.

Wetstock management can easily help fuel business owners mitigate risk with real-time visibility and insights, because when it comes to selling fuel, every penny counts. With tight margins, instances of fuel loss can significantly impact profits, the longer they are left unnoticed. The problem? Most fuel site owners don’t know when or where fuel losses are occurring and are therefore unable to address the issue.

DFS believes having good data and visibility on volumetric data is no longer sufficient and does not proactively help the retailer control and maximize their business potential – quite simply, the future of wetstock management goes way beyond data reconciliation. What fuel retailers need are tools, information, guidance and advice regarding when to order new fuel stock, the ability to assess the status of their inventory underground and gain insights into possible problems that need attention. For maximum efficiency, all these elements should come together in one, easy-to-use and comprehensive solution, enabling retailers to do everything they need to maintain best practice without spending valuable time and resources on analytics, data-crunching or problem-solving. DFS has created an extensive fuel system optimization offering that provides the help and support fuel retailers need to do exactly that.

With wetstock management from DFS, retailers can pick and choose the elements and functionality they need to successfully run their business. The whole process starts with DX Wetstock®, a solution that focuses on enhanced, real-time wetstock monitoring and in-depth loss analysis, followed by compliance and asset management – an element related to wetstock monitoring that is business-critical but not always as visible. Retailers need to comply with all sorts of rules and regulations, while making sure their equipment is up to standard, fully certified and controlled, which can be time consuming and complex. With wetstock management from DFS, compliance and asset management is embedded, as it is incredibly beneficial to the overall performance and management of a fuel station. To ensure the availability of such useful services, DFS has partnered with Techniche to bring DFS Compliance and Asset Manager to the market, providing the best-in-class compliance and asset management tools to the fuel retail industry.

Retailers can now locate and diagnose instances of fuel loss quickly with DX Wetstock®; and minimize site and equipment downtime and maintain compliance of their key assets with DFS Compliance and Asset Manager.

With the ability to help any size of fuel station, this offering is simple to set-up and use and it can help any size of fuel station. DFS has the power to transform your entire fuel retail network through connected solutions that bring you enhanced site optimization. Are you interested? Let’s get connected!

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