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Stakeholders from the European Automotive and Fuel Industries announce the launch of a Working Group

Achieving climate neutrality in Europe’s Transport sector by 2050 is an ambition shared by all signatories.

The participants, representing stakeholders from the automotive and fuels industries, furthermore wish to express their support for the start of the work by the European Commission’s Technical Committee for Motor Vehicles (TCMV) aiming at developing a proposal for registering vehicles running permanently on CO2 neutral fuels in conformity with EU law and the Renewable Energy Directive sustainability criteria. Regarding the fuels and the monitoring methodologies; the signatories also call on the European Commission and the TCMV to ensure that the principle of technology neutrality prevails.

To that extent, the participants have agreed during an introductory workshop, which took place in Stuttgart on 20 September 2023, to set up a temporary Working Group that will contribute to this work by submitting an assessment of all potential mechanical and digital solutions for monitoring the use of the CO2 neutral fuels in new vehicles.

This monitoring methodology should also support European businesses to report their scope emissions.

The Working Group is due produce a report for EU policymakers by December 2024.

List of signatories:



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