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Turning the Classic Into the Modern

Tokheim Mobile Payment

Tokhem Mobile Payment

Tokheim Mobile Payment

Tokheim mobile payment turns the classical fuel card or cash payment into a modern and flexible fueling app, opening up new ways to enhance customer interaction. Using the mobile app, customers are offered a quick and secure way to pay for their fuel purchase safely from within their vehicles. Users are also able to look back over historical purchases and retrieve receipts on demand.

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Safe and Secure

With Tokheim mobile payment, security and privacy is guaranteed, as no card numbers or sensitive personal data is stored on the smart phone app. The cloud-based mobile payment server, COMPASS, manages the entire process while interacting with Tokheim’s leading POS system, for forecourt activity and reporting.

Seamless Integration

Tokheim mobile payment, through the DFS network, allows customers to interface with various site systems and with Tokheim OASE™ (Online Authorisation and Switching Environment) as a central payment service provider, to enable the authorisation of all mobile payment transactions.

Top Fuelling Experience

The beacon technology utilised by Tokheim mobile payment enriches the fuelling experience even further. ‘Beacons’ will trigger a welcome notification to the smartphone when arriving at the fuel station, confirming the location of the dispenser to the mobile phone, simplifying the refuelling process and adding value to new and existing customer’s on your forecourt.

Safe and Secure

Security and privacy is assured with Tokheim mobile payment, as no card numbers or sensitive personal data are stored on the smart phone. The Tokheim cloud-based mobile payment server, COMPASS, manages the entire process and interacts with Tokheim’s leading fuel retail automation system, the Prizma, for forecourt activity and reporting. COMPASS also transmits the financial transactions to Tokheim’s payment host, Tokheim OASE™, for further authorization processing.

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Loyalty and e-vouchers

What's more, we offer a loyalty package that includes standard features, such as award points based on articles and fuel purchased, exchange points for gifts and bonus points through affiliated coupon programs. This online loyalty interface is based on IFSF standards and so has a reduced time-to-market. DFS also offers an e-voucher application that covers items such as phone top-ups, gift cards, fun park tickets plus much more. This e-voucher interface uses the IFSF standard with a barcode or article number/activation code.

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