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Pioneering Closed Cash System for Retailers

Tokheim SafePay™ automated closed cash system

Tokheim SafePay

Meet Tokheim SafePay™

Tokheim SafePay™, developed in partnership with Gunnebo, is our pioneering closed cash system for retailers. With the ability to replace manual tills with recycling cash systems, Tokheim SafePay™ efficiently counts payment with the correct change paid automatically. With Tokheim SafePay™, stores are safer, cash differences and shrinkage are removed and back office administration is reduced. 

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The customer deposits the coins into the coin recycler. It automatically sorts and counts the coins.


The notes are always passed to the cashier who inserts them into the note reader – cashiers are generally faster at the note insertion process.


The change is automatically dispensed both in coins and notes by the SafePay solution.

At the check-out

All payments are handled with full control and security. Prizma and Tokheim SafePay™ combine for a powerful and secure retail solution.

  • Reduces cash handling and administration

  • Removes cash differences and internal fraud

  • Safer store for customers and employees

  • Staff flexibility with cashier no longer responsible for cash

In the office

Shop staff securely carry the days takings in ink-protected Tokheim SafePay™ cassettes to the back office and deposit them into a SafePay transfer unit ready for cash in transit (CIT) collection.


  • Removes back office cash administration

  • Cash is never directly exposed in the store

  • Efficient cash collection

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Cash Management

SafePay Control is a web-based back office cash management software solution for automatic cash reconciliation and cash control. It gives retailers real-time cash levels and reports for all checkouts.


  • Simplify end-of-day procedures

  • Ensure all checkouts have correct change for the day

  • Establish patterns/areas of concern

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Bank services

Tokheim SafePay™ enables close and efficient collaboration with CIT companies and banks.


  • Direct credit of daily takings

  • Completely outsourced CIT services

  • Improved working capital

  • Online cash management

  • Reduced cash handling cost

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