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TAP Into the Future of Payment

Wayne TAP™ contactless/NFC reader

Wayne TAP

No Swiping. No sliding.

The Wayne TAP™ contactless/NFC reader is the future of payment at your fuel dispenser. No swiping. No sliding. No contact at all. Just mobile wallet and contactless technology that replaces conventional credit card payment. Facilitating fast and easy payment transactions can help you build stronger customer relationships and attract new business to your forecourt.


Attract Customers with Convenience

More convenience for customers means more business for you. The Wayne TAP™ contactless/NFC reader helps enable fast, easy, and safe payment transactions right where your customer needs them: your forecourt. By supporting emerging NFC mobile wallets, as well as mag-stripe and EMV contactless credit cards, the Wayne TAP™ contactless/NFC reader helps take your store beyond simple mobile transactions to realize the full benefits of mobile commerce. 

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Elevate Your Brand Experience

Provide an experience that can help put your convenience store on the map. The Wayne TAP™ contactless/NFC reader not only helps you transact payments, but also helps increase customer loyalty and retention by providing technology to support brand rewards programs. It also allows for additional retailer marketing opportunities and the ability to promote new brand/retail offers through mobile wallet, such as coupons. With the Wayne TAP™ contactless/NFC reader, you can build, strengthen, and sustain better customer relationships.

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